On Blast: Robert Sunday, Orangevale Proud Boy

Meet Robert Alexander Sunday Jr. of Orangevale, CA: a former U.S Marine and current member of the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist group. Sunday has lived in the Sacramento area since 1977 and spent a brief period stationed elsewhere as a marine. He has actively organized with the Proud Boys in Sacramento through 2020 and is dominantly featured in the well-circulated image at Cesar Chavez park on November 21st, 2020, where he is shown repeatedly attacking an individual. In the following post, we detail Robert Sunday’s history as an extremist and his background.

From early November 2020 through mid-January 2021, leading up to Inauguration Day, the far-right held weekly Stop the Steal rallies at the State Capitol. The Proud Boys consistently attended these rallies and even co-organized several of the events, often serving as security. The first rally, on November 7th, was attended by a large, all-encompassing MAGA crowd with a small group of Proud Boys. Over the following weeks, however, the rallies became more volatile. The Proud Boys continued to show up in larger and larger numbers, and as their presence increased, so did the escalations against the local Sacramento community. By November 21st, the Proud Boys had mobilized members from all over California and made up the vast majority of the attendees.

An hour into the November 21st rally, Proud Boy Christopher Young of Galt announced that the crowd would soon be marching to Cesar Chavez park. This was an explicit call for violence and confrontation against the local community. During the summer 2020 protests for BLM and George Floyd, Cesar Chavez Park had served as a central starting point. More importantly, Cesar Chavez Park regularly serves as a campground for the local unhoused community and is a primary distribution point for food and resources. By announcing a march to the park on a weekend, the Proud Boys had stated they were ready to attack the local unhoused community who would be in no position to defend themselves.

After hearing Young’s announcement, a handful of anti-racists rushed to try and protect and assist the unhoused folk in the area, and defend the park against the arrival of the Proud Boys and the MAGA threats. Nearly 100 Proud Boys and affiliated neo-fascists then marched on the park, and they immediately surrounded anyone they felt was opposition. Robert Alexander Sunday was among the most violent of the lot, and his attacks were caught on camera multiple times. This event culminated in the arrest of the individuals who had been attacked by the Proud Boys and MAGA hats. As usual the local police provided protection for the aggressors and legitimized their actions by arresting the victims rather than the attackers.

For a more detailed analysis on the day’s events, see our exposé of Proud Boy Michael Lawrence Staley.

Sunday, clearly proud of himself, used a photo of the attack as a profile picture.

Within the Proud Boys, members earn respect and social standing by obtaining a series of degrees through various actions. The fourth degree, which is coveted and glorified amongst members of the group, is earned by “fighting for the cause.” This means Proud Boys gain respect and clout within the group by physically attacking anyone  the Proud Boys perceive to be against their organization and/or beliefs. During the November 21st, 2020, attack on Cesar Chavez Park, Robert Sunday reached his 4th degree. Sunday was so proud of that designation he used the photo of him participating in the mob attack as his profile picture for Telegram. Adjacent to the photo, he added a “4°” to his username.

Sunday takes unabashed, public pride in his brutality. His zeal for violence should be extremely concerning to his co-workers, family, neighbors, and the Orangevale community at large.

Recent Activity

On June 5th, 2021, after becoming a 4th degree Proud Boy,  Robert Sunday went downtown yet again to attend another rally with the Proud Boys to memorialize Ashli Babbitt, the neo-fascist who was shot and killed by police during the attempted coup in D.C. on January 6th.

In July of 2021, Sunday and fellow Proud Boy Rick Smith of Auburn joined at least four other Proud Boys at the Shasta county courthouse to act as security for Carlos Zapata. Zapata is a prominent far-right figure in the north state who was being arraigned that day for an assault charge dating back to May 4th, 2021. Despite Sunday wearing a mask that day in Redding, he was easily identifiable by the tattoos on his arms.


Sunday’s involvement in those months, beginning with the Stop the Steal rallies, escalating into direct attacks on vulnerable community members, memorializing neo-fascist insurgents, and then acting as security in the norther part of the state, reveal his connections and determination for the cause.

As Robert Sunday’s involvement has changed so has his appearance. An older Facebook post shows Robert Sunday without the longer beard he’s worn over the last year. Sunday has since changes his appearance, wearing a long beard. He has also left Facebook from what we can tell. Now he avidly uses Telegram, where he specifically references his allegiance with the QAnon movement.

He posted WWG1WGA, a popular QAnon acronym that stands for “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

QAnon is a christofascist movement that dates back to 2017. It has gained a large, mainstream appeal and is rooted in an antisemitic conspiracy theory. At a recent QAnon conference in Las Vegas, a speaker “called on ‘fellow Christian warriors’ to martyr themselves against demonic forces.” Sunday, and anyone who is a member of QAnon, should be considered highly concerning and a threat to the community. Considering his capacity for interpersonal violence and his association with other violent groups, his QAnon references are concerning as they serve to bridge the extremism of the Proud Boys with mainstream centrists and conservatives.

Our Community Alert poster that has been going up throughout the Sacramento area.

Implications for Sacramento

This fall the Proud Boys have been increasingly engaging in targeted attacks here in Sacramento, destroying a Black Lives Matter mural in Midtown multiple times and targeting members of the community in coordinated harassment campaigns throughout the greater Sacramento area. Alerting the community about who the Proud Boys are and what to look out for is more important now than ever. Identifying these Proud Boys and circulating their information is just as important. The people of Orangevale and the entire Sacramento area should know where Robert Sunday lives so that they can then proceed accordingly.

The Proud Boys are not welcome in our city. Now more than ever, we need the city to let them know.


The Doxx

Name: Robert Alexander Sunday Jr

DOB: 11/29/1977

Address: 5435 Blueridge Ct., Orangevale, CA 95662


If you have any additional information on Robert Sunday or any of his associates please e-mail us – antifasac@riseup.net


On Blast: Patrick Kiehl, Placerville Proud Boys Leader


Patrick Kiehl. Note the face and arm tattoos.

Patrick George Kiehl is the president of the Placerville “Hangtown” Proud Boys. He owns Liberty Handyman LLC, and currently lives in Pollock Pines with his wife Bonnie Mae. He was also active in the NorCal punk/hardcore music scene in the early 2000’s. Kiehl has been involved with Proud Boys in the Northern California area since at least 2018, and has been connected to numerous far-right extremist actions and events since then. This article offers an overview of the Proud Boys as an organization, a timeline of Kiehl’s activity, information on the Hangtown Proud Boys chapter, and Kiehl’s personal details/identifying information.

Who are the Proud Boys?

Nearly five years into their existence, the Proud Boys have gained infamy for their thinly-veiled fascism and bigotry-fueled violence. They are hard-core Trump loyalists, and are known for street harassment and targeted assaults against members of the LGBTQ community, as well as anyone they deem to be antifa, BLM or generally counter to what they represent. The organization is also rife with racism, sexism, transphobia and Islamophobia. Proud Boys often dress in the group’s colors (black and yellow) and can be seen sporting black and gold Fred Perry polos and red MAGA hats. The Proud Boys have expressed their outrage at the electoral loss of President Trump both locally and nationwide by leading rampages through Washington DC on November 14th and December 12th. They carried out the legacy of the KKK by attacking historically black churches in Washington, DC on December 12, because these churches flew the BLM banner high with pride. Their status as a neo-fascist faction became clear when the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers attempted a coup to secure Trump’s presidency on January 6, 2021. In the context of the past 5 years, and especially with the volatile two months that lead up to the attempted coup on January 6th, 2021, the existence of any Proud Boys chapter is extremely concerning. Unfortunately, the Sacramento area boasts the dubious distinction of having three Proud Boys chapters. Patrick Kiehl has a long history of leadership within the Proud Boys, having been the president of the Sacramento chapter, and is currently the president of the Placerville chapter.


Activity Timeline

On August 4th, 2018, Kiehl traveled to Portland with other Proud Boys such as Shawn K from the Central Valley to participate in a far-right rally organized by the Patriot Prayer group led by Joey Gibson. Patriot Prayer rallies were happening frequently in Portland during this time,  attracting pro-Trump, far-right, and white supremacist factions from all over the country.

Patrick Kiehl in full body armor at a Portland far-right rally. Found on his Facebook account.


On May 7th, 2020, Patrick Kiehl attended a ‘coronavirus is a hoax’ rally at the California State Capitol. At this time, he was the president of the Sacramento Proud Boys. Kiehl and his fellow Proud Boys gathered openly at the event, sporting their signature colors and insignia, and bearing a Proud Boys flag. These weekly rallies not only attracted the Proud Boys, but also attracted members of the virulent anti-Muslim movement, the Three Percenters.

The largest of these rallies occurred on May 1st, bringing  thousands of attendees to downtown Sacramento. A group of neo-Nazis handing out anti-Semitic literature were quoted saying ” this is the most receptive crowd” they had ever passed out their literature to.

Patrick Kiehl, dressed in Proud Boys gear and flashing a ‘white power’ sign at a COVID-19 denier rally 5/7/2020


On November 14th, 2020 Patrick Kiehl (now the president of the Placerville Proud Boys chapter) was seen in Sacramento at the second ‘stop the steal’ rally. These rallies were being held weekly for the next two months. Kiehl can be seen in Proud Boys colors while members of that faction along with affiliates attacked anti racist demonstrators who were countering this far right rally. In the early days of the Stop the Steal rallies, the Proud Boys positioned themselves as security for the rally organizers, but quickly began to push a drastically more militant agenda. They became fixated on Cesar Chavez park, seeing it as a leftist rallying point and as a place for our unhoused neighbors to find refuge. As the weeks went on, Proud Boys and militia members made up the majority of the rally-goers. Eventually on November 21, 2020 over 80 Proud Boys and affiliates marched from the capitol to Cesar Chavez park, attacking anyone who got in their way.


Proud Boys getting physical at a Sacramento rally. Patrick Kiehl on far right.

On December 9th, the Hangtown Proud Boys showed up to a Toys for Tots event in Placerville, CA. Many of them flashed the ‘OK’ hand gesture, which is widely used to symbolize white power. Scandal ensued, leading the mayor of Placerville to denounce the Proud Boys. In an interview Kiehl gave to Channel 13 in response to the situation, he outed himself as the president of the Hangtown Proud Boys.

Hangtown Proud Boys group photo, Patrick Kiehl center left. Note the “OK” hand sign, a sign that has been adopted by white supremacists.

Kiehl also discussed the formation of the Placerville group and his involvement in the following Facebook exchange:

On December 20th, 2020, Patrick Kiehl appeared alongside other Proud Boys including Brandon Witte and Cole Scott at a protest at Destiny Church in Rocklin. Community groups had come out to protest the Church’s refusal to adhere to COVID safety protocol, as well as homophobic comments made by church leaders. Patrick Kiehl and other far-right agitators showed up to harass these protesters in support of the church.

Patrick George Kiehl was born in Contra Costa county, but has a long history in the Sacramento area going back over 20 years. He was involved in the punk/hardcore music scene here in Sacramento, and if anyone has any additional information about his history we’d appreciate it. Here is the YouTube channel he created in May of 2012.

Kiehl also owns a business, Liberty Handyman Services, and works with another member of the Proud Boys. This particular Proud Boy that Patrick works with who appears in the advertisement for the handyman service can also be seen next to Kiehl in the following group photo.

As a prominent leader in the Proud Boys organization, Patrick Kiehl is an active a threat to the community. Those who may come in contact with him deserve to be informed for their safety, so please help us spread the word! The Proud Boys are not welcome in our communities, and they should not be able to live their lives uninterrupted while spewing bigotry and organizing toward violence and terror.

The Doxx

Name: Patrick George Kiehl

DOB: 1/30/1980

Address: 5546 Robinhood Ln, Pollock Pines, CA 95726

Spouse: Bonnie Mae Kiehl (Maiden name Davis)

Identifying features: bomb tattoo under left eye

Business: Liberty Handyman LLC (feel free to leave bad reviews on Yelp and Thumbtack.)

If you have any information on Patrick Kiehl, any other members of the Placerville Proud Boys, or any other members of the Proud Boys in the Sacramento area or Central Valley please get in touch with us via email antifasac (at) riseup.net

We will not be deterred – J20 – Stop The Fascist Creep – All Out For Sac!



On Thursday, January 14th, Governor Newsom announced that he will be deploying 1,000 troops from the California National Guard to Sacramento from the 16th to the 20th to “protect the Capitol and other critical infrastructure.”  On January 20th, we will be marching against far-right terror with the rest of our community. We will not be deterred by the National Guard or any members of the far right who wish to stand in our way. “We Keep Us Safe” is more than just a slogan: neither the National Guard nor the police have our best interests at heart. Their priority will be (and has always been) to protect property over people’s well-being. We have seen this through the summer in the George Floyd uprisings, and through the fall with the repeated right-wing demos that have brought terror and violence to our city.

The fact that one figurehead is being traded for another on the 20th does not matter to us. This does nothing to combat the white supremacy that the US was built on, and does nothing to stop its current white supremacist project. While we do not care about the damage done to the Capitol building in DC on January 6th, we recognize it as an outgrowth of the racist rage that has been building and organizing for years. The Right is capable of an immense amount of violence–we have seen this in our own city throughout the fall and now winter.

We know that we cannot rely on the state to protect us. Instead, we must turn to each other and defend our community through solidarity and direct action. We have done so on December 5, 2020, and we will do so again. In that spirit, we invite everyone who opposes far-right violence to stand with us on Inauguration day. What already has begun continues on Wednesday, January 20th. Together, we continue to push back and build towards the day the far-right can never return to the streets of Sacramento.






On Blast: Bob Mitchell of the neo-fascist Proud Boys & owner of Surf & Skate in Citrus Heights

Bob Mitchell, a business owner living in Fair Oaks, outed himself as a member of the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist group, in an online debate on 12/15/2020. Since the group’s founding in 2016, the Proud Boys have quickly evolved into a violent and highly concerning neo-fascist movement. The fact that Mitchell owns a business in Citrus Heights and is a member of the Proud Boys is cause for concern: the more that fascist groups are able to gather, access financial resources, and normalize their beliefs as ‘everyday people,’ the more they are able to grow and spread hate.

Online Activity

This Facebook post is one of several where Mitchell declares himself a member of the Proud Boys.

In this post, Mitchell champions the chairman of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio. Tarrio is based in Florida and has a history of encouraging fellow Proud Boys to commit acts of violence and intimidation. For example, less than a month before election day, far-right factions including the Proud Boys began an effort to intimidate and harass Biden supporters in the hopes of giving the Trump campaign an edge. Tarrio was caught on camera as part of a contingent that encircled a caravan of Biden supporters. In this picture he can be seen walking towards cars of Biden supporters with a Proud Boys shirt on. Though our group opposes both the Democratic and Republican parties, we feel it is important to highlight just what the Proud Boys are capable of. 

In this post, Bob Mitchell calls on his Facebook friends to join the Proud Boys, sharing a photo featuring a gathering of local Proud Boys and urging his followers to “Join us Proud Boys” and “get s%#* done!!” further cementing his ties to the organization and his interest in recruiting others to spread hatred and bigotry.

Who are the Proud Boys?

The Proud Boys are a far-right extremist group known for acts of terror, violence, and bigotry of various kinds. The Proud Boys advertise themselves as a western chauvinist fraternal order. While this is certainly true, it is also crucial to understand them as a neo-fascist organization rife with misogyny, racism, antisemitism and islamophobia, whose main goals include targeted violence against marginalized groups and all who would oppose them. Although group members often tokenize their chairman, Enrique Tarrio, as evidence against the accusation of racism, Tarrio’s background as a Cuban-American does not in any way neutralize the group’s bigotry. Indeed, the Proud Boy’s bigotry has become more visible than ever, with members seen at the 12/12/20 Stop the Steal demonstration in Washington, DC wearing pro-genocide, neo-nazi shirts

Proud Boy Support of Kyle Rittenhouse

In addition to their own home-brewed terror, the Proud Boys have also supported reprehensible figures such as Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse gained prominence in the far-right movement after he shot three anti-racist demonstrators during the anti-police brutality uprisings in Kenosha, WI, wounding one and killing two. He was charged with double murder and attempted murder, and has been lauded a hero by the Proud Boys ever since. Christopher Young, a local Proud Boy and a neo-Nazi who we put on blast earlier this month, has brought a “free Kyle Rittenhouse” shield to several rallies he’s attended over the last few months.

On November 12th, after two days of terrorizing Washington DC, the Proud Boys capped their night off at the base of the Washington monument while Enrique Tarrio lead the group in a “break out Kyle” chant. This chant took place after Tarrio gave an impassioned speech about Rittenhouse, a man who killed two anti-racist protesters and left one a survivor (RIP to Anthony Huber & Joseph Rosenbaum, Solidarity with Gaige Grosskreutz). The violence of November 12th was followed up by another demonstration on December 12th that saw another 350+ Proud Boys converge on the streets of DC and rip down Black Lives Matter banners from historic black churches and burn them in the streets.

Proud Boys across the US are an active threat, especially to marginalized communities. Recent Stop the Steal rallies (heavily attended by Proud Boys), have become a vehicle for far-right violence around the US, with several people getting stabbed and one person getting shot at the rally in Olympia. Here in Sacramento, Proud Boys have joined Stop the Steal rallies for six weeks straight, marching through our streets and attacking protesters, medics, legal observers, reporters, our unhoused neighbors, and even random pedestrians.


Proud Boys & other far-right assailants engaging in a mob assault of an anti-racist protester at a Sacramento “Stop the Steal” rally.
Any member of the Proud Boys should be considered a threat due to the group’s known capacity for violence and their role in legitimizing bigotry. Bob Mitchell’s position as a business owner lends the Proud Boys a stability that comes with access to resources such as money and meeting space. Any asset to the Proud Boys is a detriment to the community at large.

The Doxx

Name: Bob Mitchell
Age: 69 years old, born in 1951

Owner of: Surf & Skate 7598 Greenback Ln, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 | (916) 721-5000

We highly encourage you to give Bob Mitchell a piece of your mind via Surf & Skate’s Yelp, Birdeye, Facebook, Locally, Judy’s Book, and Google reviews pages. Keep in mind that these sites often delete “politically motivated” reviews, so you may want to limit your commentary to bad service, poor customer care, etc.

If you have information about Bob Mitchell or any other individuals with ties to the Proud Boys or the far-right, contact us at: antifasac(at)riseup.net

Not in Our Streets: Report back on the 12/5/20 Mobilization Against Far-right terror 

12/5 downtown Sacramento: No MAGA vehicle was safe!

Not in Our Streets: Report back on the 12/5/20 Mobilization Against Far-right terror 

For the past five weekends, Trump supporters, Proud Boys, militia groups, and other members of the far-Right have hosted “Stop the Steal” rallies at the State Capitol in support of the popular and unfounded fraudulent election conspiracy theory. During these rallies, the far-Right have harassed and violently assaulted the people of Sacramento, including our unhoused neighbors, minors, random bystanders, community organizers distributing food, medics, reporters, and anyone they identified as opposition to their movement.

Last Saturday, December 5th, counter-protesters mobilized from Sacramento and beyond to defend our city against the far-Right. The call for this mobilization was coordinated by over 25 organizations and groups in Northern California who saw the far-Right terror of previous weekends and decided enough was enough.

Around 200 counter-protesters, medics, and legal observers converged at Fremont Park at 10 am and marched to the Capitol at noon. The anti-fascist mobilization marched to the barricades at 10th and L, where a sizeable police presence separated the counter-protest from the far-Right rally. A large contingent of shield bearers and vehicles defended the mobilization from all sides while projectiles were launched at the far-Right over police lines. Several MAGA stragglers were run off and prevented from joining the far-Right rally.

Things didn’t go so well for the III%er in a Santa suit after this occurred. A number of other antifascists took care of him.

Counter-protesters continued their march around the Capitol, chasing down any far-Right rally goers who appeared and smashing up numerous far-Right vehicles along N st. At one point, a Three Percenter dressed up as Santa Claus and 3 other far-Right rally goers attempted to engage in a physical confrontation, but they were quickly overtaken and run off. One dropped a large knife as he fled. Two members of the MAGA movement attempted to attack the group of antifascists with pepper spray and were immediately beaten back until they were no longer a threat.

The mobilization then marched back to Fremont park for a celebratory burning of MAGA flags and dispersed around 2:30 pm. For their part, the Proud Boys and far-Right attackers from previous weeks cowered behind police lines, despite their promise of “500 Proud Boys and other patriots” being ready to “teach antifa the lesson of a lifetime.” We hope that these bigots think twice the next time they decide to bring their violence and hatred to our city.

American flags & material from the MAGA movement never looked so good!

Despite the large police presence and multiple clashes, no arrests were made the day of. We want to remind everyone that state repression is still a looming threat, and should be treated with seriousness. The Sacramento Police Department (SPD) has confirmed that there will be ongoing investigations into the brawls and property destruction that occurred on Saturday. We can minimize the risk of state repression for everyone involved by collectively adhering to basic security culture practices. Do not circulate footage or photos on social media that include demonstrators’ identifiable features, such as faces, clothing, or shoes. Do not brag about specific actions that may have been taken, or speculate about who did what. Keep in mind that law enforcement frequently uses material on social media (public, private, or otherwise) to identify protesters and build cases against them. If you must talk about something sensitive, do so face to face, through the Signal app, or other secure means, and share information on a strictly need-to-know basis. If you are questioned or arrested by police, invoke your right to remain silent and don’t say anything without a lawyer present. Doxxing and harassment by the far-Right is another very real risk, and you can minimize it by locking down your social media accounts and keeping your face and real name offline. If you experience doxxing or harassment, reach out to us. We’re here to support you. If you experience state repression, reach out to the Sacramento chapter of the National Lawyers Guild for help with legal representation and bail. We won’t let doxxing and state repression stifle our movement, but we must be aware of the risks we face.

We want to thank everyone who came out to stand up to the far-Right or supported this mobilization in any capacity. Saturday was a decisive display of opposition, but we know that the local struggle against fascism is far from over. We call on everyone who opposes racism, bigotry, and far-Right terror to join us in continuing to build a strong, unified anti-racist movement in Sacramento and throughout Northern California. As we saw this Saturday, together we are strong enough to counter this threat.

Next Steps:

Share and donate to NorCal Resist’s bail fund

Support our unhoused neighbors who have been affected by far-Right violence by donating to CAFFE

Help combat the far-Right locally. Check out our materials page for printable posters to put up around the Sacramento area.

Christopher Carl Young, Proud Boy and Neo-Nazi of Galt

Odin, AKA Christopher Carl Young at a Sacramento rally 11/7/2020
Odin, AKA Christopher Carl Young at a Sacramento rally 11/7/2020

Christopher Young has been front and center at many of the far-right rallies and events in Northern California since early this summer. Operating under the online pseudonym “Odin,” (his dog’s name) or “Odin Young,” he has affiliated himself with several far-right populist and supremacist groups including the California State Militia and the Central Valley Militia. Young is the Vice President of the Central Valley Proud Boys and has a Proud Boys tattoo on his right forearm. Young told J. On November 28 that he is a former Muslim and now Christian. However, several of Young’s tattoos signal a relationship to Paganism, as does the name he gave to his pet (Odin). Every single video on Young’s TikTok account is also centered around this theme. For more details on the overlap between certain pagan groups and fascism, see our article on a racist local pagan here.

2014 photo of Christopher Young. His t-shirt reads "Muslim and American"
2014 photo of Christopher Young. His t-shirt reads “Muslim and American”
Some of Christopher Young's tattoos. Note the runes along his right forearm and the Thor's Hammer on his right hand.
Some of Christopher Young’s tattoos. Note the runes along his right forearm and the Thor’s Hammer on his right hand.

Looking at Young’s social media posts, one can glean much of his political insight. Young is skeptically optimistic about Donald Trump, and has shown support for the now-outgoing president over the last four years, yet he has also countered that support in a November 2020 post on Telegram. In an offshoot Proud Boys discussion channel, Young speculated that Donald Trump is “a puppet for ZOG and doesn’t even know it.” The acronym ZOG stands for “Zionist Occupational Government” and is a staple in modern white supremacist discourse that dates back to the 1970s. The term refers to a conspiracy theory that the United States government is actually controlled by and operates exclusively in the interests of Jews. A more popular (and only slightly less anti-Semitic) version of this conspiracy is the “New World Order.” These theories allow the far-right to explain why the United States isn’t run the way they think it should be, and also validates their feelings of victimhood by providing them a scapegoat for their anger. In an October 2020 interview that Young did with podcaster Allen Hall, Young opined that from here on out he doesn’t see any way for there to be peace between liberals and conservatives.

Young (interacting as Odin),sarcastically asking “What is ZOG?”, along with anti-Semitic edited graphics of Trump

Additional Telegram posts further detail Young’s views on race. In one message, Young’s anti-black racism came through when he described himself as “98% white boyyyyyyyyy” and expressed a preference for being “1% jew” over being “1% african.” Young adheres to a National Socialist-style (Nazi) understanding of the world, believing that races should be separated from each other and he believes this is the natural order of things. What Young shares in private discussions like these is much different from what he said to Allen Hall about inclusiveness and diversity in their public podcast discussion. It’s clear that Christopher Young is motivated to action by a far-right line of thinking that concludes that white men are somehow the victims of a grand conspiracy to oppress them, and furthermore that there is now or will soon be a civil war in the United States against the “ZOG”/“NWO.”

Posting as “Odin Young” in a local Facebook group earlier this summer, Christopher Young announced that he was going to form a “Galt militia” and invited others to become members. This post was archived and shared with the Galt city council by several concerned residents. Later in August, Young participated in a “Straight Pride” rally in Modesto, CA, organized by Don Grundmann, and appeared in a photo with far-right content producer Josh Fulfer, who was wearing a shirt featuring Kyle Rittenhouse with the words “American Hero” underneath. Kyle Rittenhouse is the 17 year old who shot three Black Lives Matter protestors, killing two and wounding another in Kenosha, WI. Pictures of Christopher Young and Josh Fulfer together at the event show Young clearly pointing attention towards and agreeing with the message Fulfer was promoting on his shirt.

Christopher Young (left) and Josh Fulfer at the Straight Pride rally in Modesto in August 2020

Young appeared again at a far-right gathering in Atwater on September 26, 2020, that included militia groups, Proud Boys, and a wider conservative contingent that came together to show support for police. Pictures from this event capture Young standing with a militia member holding a riot shield with the words “Free Kyle Rittenhouse” on it next to the Proud Boys logo. This marks multiple times Christopher Young has been comfortable supporting the teenage murderer.

Christopher Young (left) next to a homemade shield that says "Free Kyle Rittenhouse" next to the Proud Boys logo in Atwater, CA
Christopher Young (left) next to a homemade shield that says “Free Kyle Rittenhouse” next to the Proud Boys logo in Atwater, CA

Most recently, Christopher Young has been a key figure in the weekly right wing rallies taking place here in Sacramento. Activated by the completely unfounded conspiracy theory of widespread voter fraud that is supposedly responsible for Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 election, the far-right has been gathering every Saturday at the Capitol. They include Proud Boys, militia members, and white supremacists along with radicalized MAGA die-hards and Q Anon followers. All of these rallies have erupted in violence, with far-right bullies attacking the unhoused, minors, and random pedestrians. Young has taken a lead organizer role by providing coordination at these events and was even given space to speak on the stage at the November 21 rally. After vaguely alluding to a “very serious” event coming in the future during his speech, Young declared that, “We will certainly stand tall until we have victory or paradise.” Standing with him on stage was Proud Boy Jeffrey Perrine, known for shouting that “illegal immigrants should have their heads smashed into the concrete” at a far-right rally in Portland. Joining Christopher Young and Jeffrey Perrine on stage was Alicia Peterson, a MAGA organizer who is known to have worked with the Golden State Skinheads during her activist efforts.

Christopher Young speaks with Jeffrey Perrine (left) and Alicia Peterson (right) behind him
Christopher Young speaks with Jeffrey Perrine (left) and Alicia Peterson (right) behind him in Sacramento, on November 21, 2020

On November 28, Christopher Young joined the rest of the Central Valley Proud Boys on stage as they all sang a song together called “By God We’ll Have Our Home Again,” a song written by a fascist white supremacist project called Mannerbund. The song was originally featured in the handful of podcasts on the Mannerbund website, which also includes articles and imagery explicitly venerating National Socialism (Nazism). One comment from a Mannerbund participant online mentions that “several brothers” have connections to the fascist group Patriot Front. Following the National Socialist sing-along and an afternoon of drinking, Young and dozens of his fellow Proud Boys roamed the streets around the Capitol and Cesar Chavez Park looking for people to fight.

Christopher Young is an active threat. Due to his affinity for National Socialist (Nazi) ideas regarding race and culture and his affiliations with violent Proud Boys and militia members, anti-racists and anti-fascists should continue to monitor Young and the others that he has been networking with. Further information can be useful in any efforts to minimize or even possibly neutralize the danger posed by Christopher Young and the groups he is aligned with. It should be noted that Young does indeed own firearms.

An Example of the way Christopher Young obscures his membership in the Proud Boys on Instagram. Note: “4th degree” refers to the Proud Boys who have engaged in violence with “enemies”
An Example of the way Christopher Young obscures his membership in the Proud Boys on Instagram. This photo was taken at the far-right rally in Sacramento on November 7, 2020. “4th degree” refers to the Proud Boys who have engaged in violence with “enemies”

You can usually spot Young at an event with his hair tied back, usually wearing a cowboy hat and some combination of gear and clothing with Proud Boy insignia. His tattoos are very distinct–look for runes on his right forearm, a Thor’s Hammer on his right hand, and flames on his left forearm. Hinting that Young wants to limit his public association with the Proud Boys, he censors photographs of himself and others that he posts on his personal Instagram account so that the Proud Boys logos are unrecognizable.

The Doxx

Legal Name: Christopher Carl Young

Born: 1983 (37 years old)

Pseudonym: “Odin Young”

Location: 36 Almo Ct Galt, CA 95632 (Sacramento County)

Vehicle: Black Ford F150, CA license plate 27101A1

Occupation: Truck driver

Affiliations: Central Valley Proud Boys, Sacramento Proud Boys, California State Militia (2nd Infantry Regiment, Echo Company), “Central Valley Militia”

This article only came to be after a collaboration with our comrades at NoCARA. If you have any information on Proud Boys, militias, and other far-right organizing in Northern California, you can anonymously send tips to Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) at nocara(at)riseup(dot)net and to Antifa Sacramento at antifasac(at)riseup(dot)net

All Out for Sacramento 12/5: In the Name of Antifascism & Community Defense

Not In Our Streets: A Statement Against Far-Right Terror

For four consecutive Saturdays, Proud Boys, Trump supporters, and the far-right have rallied at the State Capitol in Sacramento. These demonstrations are not simply about Trump vs. Biden or Republican vs. Democrat. The far-right is using electoral politics as a platform to incite violence, terror and harrassment.

As we have seen, anyone on the street is a target. The far-right have harrassed, threatened, pepper sprayed, chased, and beaten our unhoused neighbors, volunteers distributing food, restaurant workers, minors, random pedestrians, activists, media, legal observers, and volunteer medics. They have specifically targeted black and brown folks in the downtown/midtown area.

The far-right have marched through our city and declared it theirs, and they are planning to continue this behaviour indefinitely despite the recent COVID-19 restrictions.

The Sacramento Police Department (SPD) has openly encouraged this violence against our community. During these rallies, multiple pieces of video footage have shown law enforcement looking the other way while far-right attackers carried illegal weapons and committed mob assaults. SPD has declined to detain a single far right agitator, choosing instead to stand down and then subsequently arrested the victims of their attacks. Counter-protesters and victims of far-right violence have also been held at unreasonably high bail.

Each week, the far-right has escalated their violence against our city. Ignoring them will not make them go away, and we refuse to let them continue. Instead, we must come together and defend our community.

We are calling on all individuals and organizations to join us in taking a united stand against far-right extremism and organized terror.

Points of Unity

1. Stand against white supremacy: Hatred, bigotry, and police terror in all forms are unacceptable. We condemn these far-right rallies, law enforcement’s collusion, our elected officials’ complicit silence, and the violence and hate it has brought to our city.

2. Reject far-right terror: Sacramento residents should be able to go about their daily lives without harrassment. Our unhoused neighbors should feel safe obtaining food in public spaces. Our youth should not be indiscriminately assaulted by fanatics and then arrested by law enforcement.

3. Community defense: The state won’t save us. We must rely on each other when our community is under attack. We are committed to working together toward racial justice, equity, intersectionality, and empowerment against all forms of oppression.

4. Strength in unity: Together, we can stand up to this threat through solidarity, mass action, and a diversity of tactics.

5. The time is now: History has shown us that standing idle in the face of far-right extremists only makes them stronger. We must act decisively today, so that far-right violence and terror does not grow tomorrow.

We, the undersigned organizations of Sacramento and the Northern California area, condemn these rallies and call upon our members and our greater community to stand up against far-right violence and bigotry on Saturday, December 5th, 10 am, at Fremont Park.

NorCal Resist, Antifa Sacramento, Berkeley Antifa, Still Here, Sacramento Queer and Trans Organizing Coalition, We Keep Us Safe 916, Official Sactivists, Sacramento Punks With Lunch, Brown Berets de Califas, National Brown Berets- Sacramento Unit, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, Sacramento Radical Education, Turlock BLM, Voices of VV, Brown Berets de SacraAztla, Bay 161, Sacramento DSA, Sacramento People’s Budget, NoCARA, Solano Unity Network, Elk Grove Black Liberation Collective, Power to Persist, SURJ Sacramento, People’s Strike Bay Area


Marc Macleod, neo-Nazi of Citrus Heights folkbuilder coordinator in Asatru Folk Assembly


Marc Macleod, a neo-Nazi living in Citrus Heights has a significant role within Asatru Folk Assembly, an international white separatist organization. He lives with his partner, another Asatru Folk Assembly member, Deedy Rutherford, and is associated with at least three different northern California neo-Nazi groups. In the following post, we’ll lay out his affiliations, his role within Asatru Folk Assembly, and why the Assembly is such a concern.

A picture Marc Macleod posted of himself to his Facebook in 2017 after decorating it with the Asatru Folk Assembly symbol.

MacLeod is the Folkbuilder Coordinator of Asatru Folk Assembly, a white-separatist, pagan religious group that has a presence in South Africa, Europe, and North America. As the Folkbuilder coordinator, MacLeod holds a leadership role and is responsible for building and maintaining a worldwide network of folkbuilders by recruitment and vetting. He is associated with the Asatru Folk Assembly kindred that is headquartered in Brownsville, California, a town that is around 90 minutes north of Sacramento. The Asatru Folk Assembly site in Brownsville was purchased in 2015 and, at the time, was the first gathering place for the international religious org. Since then, two new Asatru Folk Assembly gathering sites have been established; one in Minnesota and the other in North Carolina, both opening in 2020.

A post to the Asatru Folk Assembly website by Marc Macleod, the Folkbuilder Coordinator.

Asatru Folk Assembly was founded by Stephen McNallen in 1994. Although paganism is not inherently racist, sexist ,or homophobic, the Asatru Folk Assembly sets itself apart from other pagan groups by emphasizing traditional gender roles and racial exclusivity by treating LGBTQ people as aberrations, and welcoming only, in their words, ethnic European folk.  McNallen himself has written pamphlets and released video diatribes on his views on race. While there is much to be said regarding the ever-evolving conception of whiteness, the Asatru Folk Assembly subscribes to a mythologized and ahistorical conception of whiteness, badly veiled as pride in Europeanness. The Asatru Folk Assembly is so infamous for its bigoted positions, it has been formally denounced by over a hundred Pagan organizations.

Asatru Folk Assembly clarifying their membership requirements via their Facebook page.

The Asatru Folk Assembly can be defined by who their members associate with. White separatist religious groups, such as the Asatru Folk Assembly, provides fertile ground for white supremacists to network and nurture social bonds through their emphasis on ancestral lineage and ethnic exclusivity. MacLeod himself illustrates this well: he is close with members of multiple northern California neo-Nazi groups. These include the Golden State Skinheads(GSS), Sacto Skins, and Blood & Honour. In May of 2016 Jonathan Jordan, a member of Blood & Honour, posted a group photo to his Facebook.In this photo, Jordan appears with several members of the Golden State Skinheads (a neo-Nazi group that has existed for 15+ years), and known neo-Nazis, such as Nicole Wallace. In the background, one individual is doing the Nazi salute. Marc Macleod can be seen in this photo as well. MacLeod also appears in several other photos at different times, implying a close, personal relationship with members of these formations.

Marc Macleod posing with Nicole Wallace, Jason Judd (GSS), Nathan Lowry (GSS), Jonathan Jordan(B&H), Michael Sessumes (GSS), Nick Gibbs(GSS), and Jeffrey Hines (GSS)
Marc Macleod posing with Jonathan Jordan(B&H) to his right and Christopher Montgomery(Sacto Skins) to his left.

A month after posting that group photo, Jordan, along with a handful of other neo-Nazis, tried and failed to hold a rally on the west steps of the Capitol on June 26th, 2016. While Jordan was able to make it up the south steps and throw up a Nazi salute, he was promptly beaten by anti-racists.

Jonathan Jordan, doing the Nazi salute on the Capitol steps on June 26, 2016, then Jordan soon after, bloodied and escorted off Capitol grounds by California Highway Patrol
Jonathan Jordan, doing the Nazi salute on the Capitol steps on June 26, 2016, then Jordan soon after, bloodied and escorted off Capitol grounds by California Highway Patrol

Another photo features MacLeod in his driveway, again with Jonathan Jordan, along with Sacto Skinheads members Adam Hart and Chris Montgomery. The frequency with which MacLeod appears in the company of known white supremacists implies a close, personal relationship with members of these groups.

Marc Macleod in his driveway with Jonathan Jordan to his left, and then Adam Hart(Sacto Skins) in the plain white t-shirt, and Christopher Montgomery(Sacto Skins) in the graphic t-shirt

The Asatru Folk Assembly follows this pattern of associating with neo-Nazis across the country: the grand opening of another Hof in Linden, North Carolina, was attended by Joshua Keith Williams, a member of the white nationalist organization Identity Evropa (recently rebranded as the American Identity Movement). Also in attendance was Robert Stamm, a former police officer fired from his job with the Virginia Capitol Police after being exposed as a neo-Nazi by our comrades at Antifa Seven Hills. Stamm was ordained at this ceremony as a Folkbuilder.

Another Folkbuilder present was Brandon Trent East of Georgia, who was a correctional officer before being exposed by our comrades, the Atlanta Antifascists, as a member of the Asatru Folk Assembly. He was subsequently fired. East is also a known associate with white supremacist Ryan Burchfield of Savannah, GA.

In a December 2017 post on the Asatru Folk Assembly’s Facebook page, Marc Macleod is featured along with the current Assembly’s leader, Matthew D. Flavel. To Macleod’s right is Joseph Ryan Simmons , another member of Golden State Skinheads (who we wrote an article on in December of 2018). At the time this photo, Simmons was the most politically active of all GSS members. Simmons took part in the violence during the demonstration on June 26, 2016, and actively supported William Planer, who had been the only neo-Nazi arrested that day. Simmons and his partner, Anna, supported Planer by securing him a lawyer and attending his court dates. Soon after that ordeal, Simmons was seen lending his skills as a general contractor to the Asatru Folk Assembly property in Brownsville.

Holiday photo from the Asatru Folk Assembly's Facebook page, circa 2017. From left to right: Joseph Simmons, Marc Macleod , Matthew Flavel
Holiday photo from the Asatru Folk Assembly’s Facebook page, circa 2017. From left to right: Joseph Simmons, Marc Macleod , Matthew Flavel

The White Power movement is so intertwined with the Asatru Folk Assembly that they should be considered one and the same, with the Assembly providing infrastructure, and the movement itself maintaining it. Religious formations such as the Asatru Folk Assembly  are dangerous due to the resources and discretion that are afforded to religious groups. In this case, resources such as land and other assets are allowed to be set aside for a group that is a white separatist group with ties to other active white supremacists. As a religious and social formation, the Asatru Folk Assembly also serves as a scaffold upon which social connections are built and maintained. These connections translate into stability and cohesion within this white separatist movement.

This organization should not be taken lightly, and anyone in their vicinity should be alerted to who they really are. The first site in Brownsville is now 5 years old, and with additional sites in Linden, NC and Murdock, MN,  the Asatru Folk Assembly already has three loci in the country. This means a white separatist organization with close ties to white supremacists has the resources for at least three centers through the US. The more familiar we all become with the symbols they use, the members that make up the org, and the sites they gather at, the better off we’ll be. That information can be used to gain a better understanding of who they are, and, ultimately, how to apply pressure to one day extinguish them entirely.



Marc Macleod and Deedy Rutherford posing in front of the Asatru Folk Assembly symbol posted to Macleod’s FB in June of 2017

MacLeod keeps the bigotry going strong in his personal life as well. MacLeod’s partner, Deedy Calista Rutherford, is frequently pictured with him on his Facebook page. While her comments typically read as overenthusiastic and supportive of MacLeod, her online presence suggests more involvement than simple enabling. On March 20, 2017, MacLeod posts a picture of himself in front of the birthplace of the modern Ku Klux Klan in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Rutherford comments “That’s badass…love you!!” Neo-Nazis from all over make an effort to visit Stone Mountain while in Georgia when they have a chance. Two of Macleods associates here in Sacramento, Jason Judd and Joseph Simmons did just that when they were out in that part of the country in fall of 2016.

Marc Macleod posing in front of the Confederate monument in Stone Mountain, GA in May 2017
Marc Macleod posing in front of the Confederate monument in Stone Mountain, GA in May 2017

In a June 9 post on MacLeod’s Facebook, Rutherford wears a Trump 2020 t-shirt, while MacLeod sports an Asatru Folk Assembly baseball cap and a “Liftwaffe” tank top by Hate Clothing Co. (“Liftwaffe” is a play on “Luffwaffe”, the Nazi air force in 1935).

MacLeod and Rutherford are frequently seen in Asatru Folk Assembly gatherings, which suggests Rutherford is also a willing and active member. Indeed, in a March 16, 2020 post, she and MacLeod are seen with Asatru Folk Assembly founder Stephen McNallen, and his wife, Sheila McNallen.


From left to right: Marc Macleod, Deedy Rutherford, Sheila McNallen, and Stephen McNallen
From left to right: Marc Macleod, Deedy Rutherford, Sheila McNallen, and Stephen McNallen

But Marc Macleod’s political interests don’t just lie solely within Asatru Folk Assembly and their affiliations. MacLeod was present during the May 1, 2020 “Coronavirus is a Hoax”/”Reopen California” rally at the Capitol; a rally that was attended by Three Percenters, Q Anon followers, and the general gaggle of bigoted Trump supporters. Neo-Nazis also attended, and passed out antisemitic literature. These neo-Nazis later commented, in one of their videos, that those in attendance were the most receptive they had ever come across.

Marc Macleod in attendance at the May 1st ” reopen California” rally at the state capitol.

Marc Macleod lives on Mike Arthur Ct. in Citrus Heights, a suburb of Sacramento. His neighbors, the people of CH, and all throughout the Sacramento area should be aware of who he is, what he’s about, and what his affiliations are. It’s not just who he is but it’s who he associates with here in the Sacramento area and then who he networks with around the country and worldwide that should make him that much more concerning.

A recent picture of Marc Macleod’s house with his truck and camper in the driveway. Not pictured is the grey Kia Soul that he drives as well.


The Doxx

Marc Anthony Macleod, born April 23rd, 1972

Address: 5508 Mike Arthur Ct., Citrus Heights,CA 95610 (Deedy Calista Rutherford 8/29/1973 at the same address)

Vehicle: Grey Kia Soul, license plat number: 7RVH047 with two large stickers on the back window – one of the Thors hammer , and one that’s the Asatru Folk Assembly symbol

Social Media –

FB: facebook.com/marc.macleod.35

Zoom: zoominfo.com/p/Marc-Macleod/-1159861357 ( In Macleod’s zoom profile he lists Asatru Folk Assembly as his place pf employment )


If you have any additional information on Marc Macleod or his associates please get in touch with us at antifasac(at)riseup(dot)net

white nationalist, Gregory Wheeler of Sacramento also a member of the Proud Boys

An Update! 

Community Alert flyer that will be going up in the Arden area of Sacramento where Gregory Wheeler lives and works.
Recent photo of Gregory Scott Wheeler that he tweeted out on 7/17/2020

Meet Gregory Scott Wheeler. He is a white nationalist and a member of the Proud Boys living and working in the Arden area of Sacramento. Wheeler has a habit of posting racist, anti-LGBTQ, and misogynistic content on his social media, frequently featuring the confederate flag and the Proud Boys laurels. In the following post you’ll see where he works, lives, what his affiliations are and why this Proud Boy is particularly concerning.

Greg Wheeler has been a member of the Sacramento Proud Boys for one year now. The chapter itself has existed for over three years, and the Proud Boys as a whole date back to the fall of 2016. We went into their origin, history, and ideology including the fact that they marched among the neo-Nazi groups at the deadly Unite The Right demonstration in Charlottesville in our article on Brandon Witte in August of 2019. The local chapter has traveled to demonstrations in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Portland in 2017 and 2018. More recently they have been seen at several “Reopen California” rallies that were happening at the capitol back in the spring. The rallies themselves were financially backed by large right leaning organizations, had little to do with the stated goal and were more opportunistic than anything. This was an opportunity for the far-right to mobilize and gain momentum and they were trying to capitalize on a pandemic to do so. Meanwhile, large numbers of right-wingers were heading to downtown Sacramento with no intention to take any precaution during a global pandemic and the Sacramento Proud Boys were right there with them. 


As with most Proud Boys, we see a lot of misogyny and Islamophobia as we monitor Wheeler’s online activity, but it doesn’t take long to see that its his Instagram where his white nationalism comes through. A month after Dylann Roof–a confederate flag-waving white supremacist–murders 9 black parishioners at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Wheeler posts pictures pledging allegiance to the confederate flag. In a February 2016 post, he shows his support for the Soldiers of Odin, a neo-Nazi group that was, at the time, engaging in racist, anti immigrant “patrols” in Finland and Norway. More recently, in 2017, he posts an image that includes the SS lightning bolts.This is a symbol that many white nationalists gravitate towards, because it references the SS in Nazi Germany.


Wheeler spends a lot of time online, judging from the sheer volume of his posts on Instagram and Twitter. As in the case of his Instagram, his tweets are also very concerning. In one tweet dated June 10th, 2020, he calls for mass murder of protesters who were a part of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone ( CHAZ ). The CHAZ was a protest encampment in the capitol hill neighborhood of Seattle that lasted from June 8th to July 1st, and was established in the wake of the George Floyd uprisings that swept the nation. More recently in a tweet reply, Greg Wheeler suggests that cops should start shooting protesters in Portland with “real bullets “. 


His Twitter profile is also interesting: this is the online persona he has crafted for himself. In it, he describes himself as a third-degree Proud Boy, which is a designation given to a Proud Boy who gets “Proud Boy” tattooed on himself. He also references the #fandommenace. Fandom Menace is a serious YouTube community rallying against inclusion in the Star Wars universe, particularly the newest trilogy of movies and spin-offs. They despise Kathleen Kennedy (the president of Lucasfilm ) and claim Star Wars has “folded to the SJWs”  because of its inclusion of women and people of color in the cast. One of the clips in a video criticizing Fandom Menace was a vlogger from the Fandom Menace community saying they’re after ” men, white men at that”. Promoting such an indefensible online community falls in line with Gregory Wheeler’s white nationalism and misogyny that he displays in his online activity. Between his white nationalist Instagram posts and his Twitter activity makes it apparent that he needs to be monitored, and the community be warned of the danger he poses.

Gegory Scott Wheeler’s Twitter profile 8/7/2020

Both his Instagram and Twitter accounts show he supports and promotes Sacramento Black Rifle, a firearms store in Citrus Heights. Sacramento Black Rifle openly encourages the Boogaloo. The Boogaloo movement is a loosely-affiliated, accelerationist movement that advocates for another civil war, often in terms of race war. At this point, we are seeing that those who are part of various far-right factions don’t waste much time before pledging their support for the Boogaloo. We went into the origins of the Boogaloo movement in our article on the Three Percenter movement back in the spring, and which Wheeler considers himself a part of. The Boogaloo movement dates back to the spring of 2018, but the Three Percenters began latching onto it and bringing its aesthetic into their rallies by fall of 2019. It should be especially concerning that Robert Michael Adams, the owner of Sacramento Black Rifle not only advocates for the Boogaloo himself but is distributing Boogaloo stickers at his gun store there in Citrus Heights. Sacramento Black Rifle is located at 8095 Greenback Ln Ste b, Citrus Heights.


Wheeler is a member of the E Clampus Vitus, an ironic fraternal order that dedicates itself to the perpetuation of the myth of the Western frontier. Given his penchant for white supremacist imagery, it is unsurprising that he is also invested in an inherently white supremacist myth that has been used to justify settler colonialism and the genocide of indigenous peoples. Below is a picture of his vest that he brought to a ECV gathering in Camp Far west, CA in April, 2019. Particularly notable is the ECV imagery set alongside white supremacist imagery: for example, the skull and crossbones in the confederate flag hat, and the two instances of the “OK” hand sign, which is a covert White Power hand sign.

Interestingly enough Greg Wheeler works at Galls: Uniforms, Equipment and Gear for Police managed by Theresa Leininger. Galls is the local outfitter for the Sacramento Police Department. So, Greg and Theresa make sure the SPD that terrorize neighborhoods all throughout Sacramento have the gear and uniform they need to brutalize, harass, and even kill the residents of Sacramento. Galls is located at 2333 Arden way in Sacramento.


The Sacramento Proud Boys are not as cohesive as they once were and aren’t very active these days, politically speaking. However, as individuals, or in a group, they pose a threat not just at demonstrations but to others they may encounter in their day-to-day lives. With someone like Gregory Wheeler who is both a Proud Boy and a white nationalist, finding out where he carries out his daily activities is beneficial so we can all be better prepared. Putting out alerts near his workplace, his apartment, and the grocery stores he frequents is an important part in alerting the community to a racist who is part of a network of neo-fascists. Please e-mail us with any additional information you may have on Greg Wheeler.


The Doxx

Gregory Scott Wheeler – DOB 3/10/1972

Address: 837 Fulton Ave. Apt. 1031 95825

Vehicle: Red Toyota Camry with  license plate 4DTF030

Employed by: Galls: Uniforms, Equipment and Gear for Police  2333 Arden Way 95825, Sacramento / (916) 567-7877

Social Media:

Tw: @basedstranger

IG: @basedstranger 



If you have any additional information about Gregory Wheeler please e-mail us at antifasac (at) riseup.net


Deaven Dunham, a neo-Nazi in downtown Sacramento

An Update!

Please join us and print this flyer off, make copies, and put them up all over downtown and midtown Sacramento!



A recent selfie Deaven Dunham took in his home.

Meet Deaven Dunham: a 25 year old neo-Nazi who lives in downtown Sacramento, not far from the county jail. Dunham is solely responsible for a prolonged campaign white supremacist stickers, repeatedly targeting the downtown area of Sacramento since at least July of 2019. His stickers have been found mostly but not exclusively between 5th and 9th street and along I and J street. The stickers range between simple text with overtly anti-Semitic messaging to Hundred Handers stickers that he prints himself from a template. In a video posted to his BitChute channel back in February, titled “IRL activism,” he talks about what he sees as the efficiency of stickering and even being a member of Hundred Handers. To be clear, Hundred Handers are a white supremacist propaganda group based in the UK, and their stickers all have overt white supremacist messages with a continual thread of anti-Semitic content. While the Hundred Handers content is dominant in his sticker campaign, Dunham will regularly supplement his own designs, promoting other white supremacist groups he finds sympathetic. In April of 2020 on the corner of 7th and I St., for example, he posted stickers stating ” its okay to be white “and URLs for two different white supremacist websites.

Screenshot of an Instagram post by Dunham where he takes credit for posting this white supremacist sticker containing a slogan and two white supremacist websites.

While some of the Hundred Handers messaging may seem innocuous, make no mistake; this is a white supremacist group working to spread their ideology through a street team campaign. Here in Sacramento, Deaven Dunham has been a very active participant in that effort. Our group and support network have removed hundreds of his stickers from the downtown Sacramento area over the last 12 months, as the image below shows.

Here’s Deaven Dunham taking credit for putting up Hundred Handers stickers, a group he ‘s a member of.

Deaven Dunham’s interest in promoting white supremacist ideology via stickers in public spaces started in July of 2019. As July 4th approached, Dunham posted a video on his YouTube channel proposing an anti-Semitic sticker campaign to be launched on the national holiday. We’re obviously not here to defend or support this particular date in US history, but it’s clear that Dunham is using YouTube to spread his ideology and make contact with other white supremacists online. While his channel itself has remained intact, his videos regularly get deleted after a period of time.

Screenshot from the Youtube video Dunham posted in June of 2019; he asks viewers to post anti-Semitic stickers on July 4th of that year.

The recent anti-Semitic sticker campaign he proposed in his video asks other neo-Nazis to make stickers that say “jews hate free speech.” While it’s unclear if anyone else participated outside of Sacramento, the exact stickers he detailed appeared multiple times in downtown Sacramento on July 4th. Our network canvased the area and removed each sticker, replacing them with an antifascist sticker.

The exact sticker Dunham was asking viewers to put up on July 4th, 2019, was seen near his building on 7/4/2019

By September of last year, our network started to notice a number of those Hundred Handers stickers in that specific area of downtown Sacramento, and we noted an increase in his homemade anti-Semitic stickers. He was no longer using the slogan from July 4th. Instead he had prepared and posted other anti-Semitic slogans. This activity continued into October with another round of the Hundred Handers stickers. Those two months of activity were most concerning. A neo-Nazi like Dunham can easily move from an outreach campaign to violence. It is for this exact reason that white supremacist propaganda should never be tolerated. Once a campaign has been started, it is no longer possible – if it ever was – to change someone’s mind; a choice has been explicitly made, and the escalation of that choice is a direct threat to the safety of the community.

Though Deaven Dunham shares an apartment with his mother and he ventures out to threaten the community, the majority of his life is clearly spent online. He has both YouTube and BitChute accounts where he posts homemade videos, and he maintains an account on virtually every other social media platform on the internet. He regularly challenges his followers and associates to be more active online and provides ideas for actions.

Deaven Dunham’s current pinned tweet

We have traced his online activity back to 2016 when he participated in dispersing Donald Trump’s “build the wall” campaign. The Southern Poverty Law Center reported at that time that Dunham’s two Twitter handles were the fifth and sixth most frequent users of the #buildthewall hashtag. 

Most of the social media handles Dunham chooses are some variation of his chosen pseudonym: Norvin Hobbs. During his brief stint as a member of the Iron March neo-Nazi forum in the spring of 2017 this was no different; his username there was NorvinHobbs14. Iron March was a neo-Nazi web forum that was established in the fall of 2011 and the site itself was shut down in the fall of 2017. In November of 2019 someone hacked into the former site and released the member’s email addresses, IP addresses, usernames, and private messages. Even though Dunham only posted two messages on Iron March in the spring of 2017, the fact that he chose to participate in Iron March forums at all just solidifies what a concern he is. Iron March was able to operate under the radar for a significant number of years, and eventually it became a breeding ground for some of the most violent neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups that exist today. This is Dunham’s chosen network, and we refuse to tolerate it in our city.

In a BitChute video from March of 2020, Dunham states he is collecting SSI (Supplemental Security Income) which could explain how he’s able to spend so much time online. Being extremely online gives him plenty of opportunity to network with other white supremacists from around the country and the world. In November of 2019, Dunham put out a BitChute video with long time neo-Nazi, Billy Roper. Roper’s credentials include a father and grandfather who were in the KKK, and the fact that he founded the Shield Wall Network, a white supremacist group based in Arkansas. A little over a month after the hour long video where the two of them talk about Balkanization,Roper was featured in a New York Mag article titled; “Inside the White Nationalist Terrorist Movement in America.” In the article, Roper talks about the friendship he’s forged through letter writing with Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who assassinated nine black folks at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. Both Roper and Dunham collaborated again on another BitChute video in January of 2020.


In that second video Roper and Dunham collaborated on, titled “Hobbscast New Year’s Special” that was posted on Roper’s BitChute channel Jon Minadeo (aka Handsome Truth) joins the discussion at about the halfway point. Minadeo, a neo-Nazi from the north bay came to Sacramento back on May first with two others to hand out anti-Semitic flyers at the ” reopen California ”  far-right rally at the capitol. After they finished flyering that day the videographer stated that “this is the most receptive crowd I’ve ever seen in my life ” referring to attendees at that far-right rally. After their video was posted on Minadeo’s BitChute channel Deaven Dunham left a comment underneath where he wrote ” I wonder how many of us are in Sacramento ” expressing his excitement about the reception Minadeo’s flyers got at the capitol.


For over a year now, Dunham continues to post his white supremacist stickers in a specific area of downtown Sacramento. At this point, it’s clearly a matter of convenience. We have never found one of his stickers more than five blocks from where he lives, and they’re mostly found within a one block radius of his home. One sticker below, discovered on June 27th along with five others on the same day, was posted near the corner of 6th and H Streets; Dunham lives at 7th and H Streets.

Two of Deaven Dunham’s stickers found by 6th and H on June 27th


The “white lives matter” slogan is now a common banner for the white supremacist movement. It started in early 2015, only a few months after the slogan “blue lives matter” began to circulate online. Both slogans continue to operate in direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement. They were created to mock, overshadow, and discredit the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a country founded on genocide and slavery, a white supremacist project enforced and upheld by the police which produces symptomatic neo-Nazis like Deaven Dunham. So it’s no surprise to see the overlap in their messaging. We are dedicated to finding white supremacists in our communities in order to dismantle white supremacy altogether. As antifascists this includes the police, local and regional leaders, and a judicial system which upholds white supremacy.

For now, we’re focused on Deaven Dunham, a young neo-Nazi living in downtown Sacramento who continues to escalate his rhetoric online and poses an immediate threat to our community.

Dunham lives in a building with many units. If you are a neighbor or a community member with further information about him, please e-mail us. We protect each other, and Dunham’s campaign has gone on for too long already. Dunham feels comfortable walking downtown Sacramento frequently placing his white supremacist stickers in public, and it needs to stop. He’s not welcome in Sacramento, or anywhere for that matter.

We greatly appreciate our network and the community’s aid in holding him accountable and making sure that Dunham never feels comfortable distributing white supremacy in public ever again. This sticker campaign ends today.

The front of Deaven Dunham’s building where he resides with his mother.

The Doxx

Deaven Jacob Dunham

born in Sacramento county on 1/12/1995

lives at: 720 7th St. Apt. 305 Sacramento CA


Active online accounts:

BitChute: bitchute.com/channel/XRyC7MJEl7So/

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCryuQQC3p9PpvOQgLNMLbIQ/ , youtube.com/channel/UCr_1EcZpKq4X-zjrp4o9Q1A ,  youtube.com/channel/UCY2T7_lRjtevM6go5SFPDFw

Telegram: t.me/NorvinHobbs

Twitter: @Norvin41157223

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