Neo-Nazi Caught with 100+ lbs of Bomb-making Materials in 2020 Shows Up To Children’s Drag Event

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Meet Joshua Isgrigg, a neo-nazi from Porterville, CA who was caught with 100+ lbs of bomb-making materials in 2020. But now he’s back on the streets and active with the neo-nazi WLM and Active Club networks in Sacramento, Porterville, and SLO county.

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On Blast: Brandon Revering, Sacramento Proud Boy and Arms Dealer

Call to action: Brandon Revering’s weapons sales site, his merch sales site, and the Proud Boy chapter websites he creates are all registered through the domain registrar Porkbun. Tell Porkbun to stop supporting Proud Boys!

Pride Month is in full swing and far-Right groups, including the proud boys, are on a homophobic rampage. One such Proud Boy, Brandon Revering, is also likely using his standing as a registered arms dealer to supply other fascists with the materials needed to assemble illegal firearms. Continue reading “On Blast: Brandon Revering, Sacramento Proud Boy and Arms Dealer”

On Blast: Robert Sunday, Orangevale Proud Boy

Meet Robert Alexander Sunday Jr. of Orangevale, CA: a former U.S Marine and current member of the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist group. Sunday has lived in the Sacramento area since 1977 and spent a brief period stationed elsewhere as a marine. He has actively organized with the Proud Boys in Sacramento through 2020 and is dominantly featured in the well-circulated image at Cesar Chavez park on November 21st, 2020, where he is shown repeatedly attacking an individual. Continue reading “On Blast: Robert Sunday, Orangevale Proud Boy”

On Blast: Patrick Kiehl, Placerville Proud Boys Leader


Patrick Kiehl. Note the face and arm tattoos.

Patrick George Kiehl is the president of the Placerville “Hangtown” Proud Boys. He owns Liberty Handyman LLC, and currently lives in Pollock Pines with his wife Bonnie Mae. He was also active in the NorCal punk/hardcore music scene in the early 2000’s. Kiehl has been involved with Proud Boys in the Northern California area since at least 2018, and has been connected to numerous far-right extremist actions and events since then. Continue reading “On Blast: Patrick Kiehl, Placerville Proud Boys Leader”

We will not be deterred – J20 – Stop The Fascist Creep – All Out For Sac!



On Thursday, January 14th, Governor Newsom announced that he will be deploying 1,000 troops from the California National Guard to Sacramento from the 16th to the 20th to “protect the Capitol and other critical infrastructure.”  On January 20th, we will be marching against far-right terror with the rest of our community. We will not be deterred by the National Guard or any members of the far right who wish to stand in our way. Continue reading “We will not be deterred – J20 – Stop The Fascist Creep – All Out For Sac!”

On Blast: Bob Mitchell of the neo-fascist Proud Boys & owner of Surf & Skate in Citrus Heights

Bob Mitchell, a business owner living in Fair Oaks, outed himself as a member of the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist group, in an online debate on 12/15/2020. Since the group’s founding in 2016, the Proud Boys have quickly evolved into a violent and highly concerning neo-fascist movement. The fact that Mitchell owns a business in Citrus Heights and is a member of the Proud Boys is cause for concern: the more that fascist groups are able to gather, access financial resources, and normalize their beliefs as ‘everyday people,’ the more they are able to grow and spread hate. Continue reading “On Blast: Bob Mitchell of the neo-fascist Proud Boys & owner of Surf & Skate in Citrus Heights”

Not in Our Streets: Report back on the 12/5/20 Mobilization Against Far-right terror 

12/5 downtown Sacramento: No MAGA vehicle was safe!

Not in Our Streets: Report back on the 12/5/20 Mobilization Against Far-right terror 

For the past five weekends, Trump supporters, Proud Boys, militia groups, and other members of the far-Right have hosted “Stop the Steal” rallies at the State Capitol in support of the popular and unfounded fraudulent election conspiracy theory. During these rallies, the far-Right have harassed and violently assaulted the people of Sacramento, including our unhoused neighbors, minors, random bystanders, community organizers distributing food, medics, reporters, and anyone they identified as opposition to their movement.

Last Saturday, December 5th, counter-protesters mobilized from Sacramento and beyond to defend our city against the far-Right. The call for this mobilization was coordinated by over 25 organizations and groups in Northern California who saw the far-Right terror of previous weekends and decided enough was enough.

Around 200 counter-protesters, medics, and legal observers converged at Fremont Park at 10 am and marched to the Capitol at noon. The anti-fascist mobilization marched to the barricades at 10th and L, where a sizeable police presence separated the counter-protest from the far-Right rally. A large contingent of shield bearers and vehicles defended the mobilization from all sides while projectiles were launched at the far-Right over police lines. Several MAGA stragglers were run off and prevented from joining the far-Right rally.

Things didn’t go so well for the III%er in a Santa suit after this occurred. A number of other antifascists took care of him.

Counter-protesters continued their march around the Capitol, chasing down any far-Right rally goers who appeared and smashing up numerous far-Right vehicles along N st. At one point, a Three Percenter dressed up as Santa Claus and 3 other far-Right rally goers attempted to engage in a physical confrontation, but they were quickly overtaken and run off. One dropped a large knife as he fled. Two members of the MAGA movement attempted to attack the group of antifascists with pepper spray and were immediately beaten back until they were no longer a threat.

The mobilization then marched back to Fremont park for a celebratory burning of MAGA flags and dispersed around 2:30 pm. For their part, the Proud Boys and far-Right attackers from previous weeks cowered behind police lines, despite their promise of “500 Proud Boys and other patriots” being ready to “teach antifa the lesson of a lifetime.” We hope that these bigots think twice the next time they decide to bring their violence and hatred to our city.

American flags & material from the MAGA movement never looked so good!

Despite the large police presence and multiple clashes, no arrests were made the day of. We want to remind everyone that state repression is still a looming threat, and should be treated with seriousness. The Sacramento Police Department (SPD) has confirmed that there will be ongoing investigations into the brawls and property destruction that occurred on Saturday. We can minimize the risk of state repression for everyone involved by collectively adhering to basic security culture practices. Do not circulate footage or photos on social media that include demonstrators’ identifiable features, such as faces, clothing, or shoes. Do not brag about specific actions that may have been taken, or speculate about who did what. Keep in mind that law enforcement frequently uses material on social media (public, private, or otherwise) to identify protesters and build cases against them. If you must talk about something sensitive, do so face to face, through the Signal app, or other secure means, and share information on a strictly need-to-know basis. If you are questioned or arrested by police, invoke your right to remain silent and don’t say anything without a lawyer present. Doxxing and harassment by the far-Right is another very real risk, and you can minimize it by locking down your social media accounts and keeping your face and real name offline. If you experience doxxing or harassment, reach out to us. We’re here to support you. If you experience state repression, reach out to the Sacramento chapter of the National Lawyers Guild for help with legal representation and bail. We won’t let doxxing and state repression stifle our movement, but we must be aware of the risks we face.

We want to thank everyone who came out to stand up to the far-Right or supported this mobilization in any capacity. Saturday was a decisive display of opposition, but we know that the local struggle against fascism is far from over. We call on everyone who opposes racism, bigotry, and far-Right terror to join us in continuing to build a strong, unified anti-racist movement in Sacramento and throughout Northern California. As we saw this Saturday, together we are strong enough to counter this threat.

Next Steps:

Share and donate to NorCal Resist’s bail fund

Support our unhoused neighbors who have been affected by far-Right violence by donating to CAFFE

Help combat the far-Right locally. Check out our materials page for printable posters to put up around the Sacramento area.

Christopher Carl Young, Proud Boy and Neo-Nazi of Galt

Odin, AKA Christopher Carl Young at a Sacramento rally 11/7/2020
Odin, AKA Christopher Carl Young at a Sacramento rally 11/7/2020

Christopher Young has been front and center at many of the far-right rallies and events in Northern California since early this summer. Operating under the online pseudonym “Odin,” (his dog’s name) or “Odin Young,” he has affiliated himself with several far-right populist and supremacist groups including the California State Militia and the Central Valley Militia. Young is the Vice President of the Central Valley Proud Boys and has a Proud Boys tattoo on his right forearm. Young told J. On November 28 that he is a former Muslim and now Christian. However, several of Young’s tattoos signal a relationship to Paganism, as does the name he gave to his pet (Odin). Every single video on Young’s TikTok account is also centered around this theme. For more details on the overlap between certain pagan groups and fascism, see our article on a racist local pagan here.

2014 photo of Christopher Young. His t-shirt reads "Muslim and American"
2014 photo of Christopher Young. His t-shirt reads “Muslim and American”

Some of Christopher Young's tattoos. Note the runes along his right forearm and the Thor's Hammer on his right hand.
Some of Christopher Young’s tattoos. Note the runes along his right forearm and the Thor’s Hammer on his right hand.

Looking at Young’s social media posts, one can glean much of his political insight. Young is skeptically optimistic about Donald Trump, and has shown support for the now-outgoing president over the last four years, yet he has also countered that support in a November 2020 post on Telegram. In an offshoot Proud Boys discussion channel, Young speculated that Donald Trump is “a puppet for ZOG and doesn’t even know it.” The acronym ZOG stands for “Zionist Occupational Government” and is a staple in modern white supremacist discourse that dates back to the 1970s. The term refers to a conspiracy theory that the United States government is actually controlled by and operates exclusively in the interests of Jews. A more popular (and only slightly less anti-Semitic) version of this conspiracy is the “New World Order.” These theories allow the far-right to explain why the United States isn’t run the way they think it should be, and also validates their feelings of victimhood by providing them a scapegoat for their anger. In an October 2020 interview that Young did with podcaster Allen Hall, Young opined that from here on out he doesn’t see any way for there to be peace between liberals and conservatives.

Young (interacting as Odin),sarcastically asking “What is ZOG?”, along with anti-Semitic edited graphics of Trump

Additional Telegram posts further detail Young’s views on race. In one message, Young’s anti-black racism came through when he described himself as “98% white boyyyyyyyyy” and expressed a preference for being “1% jew” over being “1% african.” Young adheres to a National Socialist-style (Nazi) understanding of the world, believing that races should be separated from each other and he believes this is the natural order of things. What Young shares in private discussions like these is much different from what he said to Allen Hall about inclusiveness and diversity in their public podcast discussion. It’s clear that Christopher Young is motivated to action by a far-right line of thinking that concludes that white men are somehow the victims of a grand conspiracy to oppress them, and furthermore that there is now or will soon be a civil war in the United States against the “ZOG”/“NWO.”

Posting as “Odin Young” in a local Facebook group earlier this summer, Christopher Young announced that he was going to form a “Galt militia” and invited others to become members. This post was archived and shared with the Galt city council by several concerned residents. Later in August, Young participated in a “Straight Pride” rally in Modesto, CA, organized by Don Grundmann, and appeared in a photo with far-right content producer Josh Fulfer, who was wearing a shirt featuring Kyle Rittenhouse with the words “American Hero” underneath. Kyle Rittenhouse is the 17 year old who shot three Black Lives Matter protestors, killing two and wounding another in Kenosha, WI. Pictures of Christopher Young and Josh Fulfer together at the event show Young clearly pointing attention towards and agreeing with the message Fulfer was promoting on his shirt.

Christopher Young (left) and Josh Fulfer at the Straight Pride rally in Modesto in August 2020

Young appeared again at a far-right gathering in Atwater on September 26, 2020, that included militia groups, Proud Boys, and a wider conservative contingent that came together to show support for police. Pictures from this event capture Young standing with a militia member holding a riot shield with the words “Free Kyle Rittenhouse” on it next to the Proud Boys logo. This marks multiple times Christopher Young has been comfortable supporting the teenage murderer.

Christopher Young (left) next to a homemade shield that says "Free Kyle Rittenhouse" next to the Proud Boys logo in Atwater, CA
Christopher Young (left) next to a homemade shield that says “Free Kyle Rittenhouse” next to the Proud Boys logo in Atwater, CA

Most recently, Christopher Young has been a key figure in the weekly right wing rallies taking place here in Sacramento. Activated by the completely unfounded conspiracy theory of widespread voter fraud that is supposedly responsible for Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 election, the far-right has been gathering every Saturday at the Capitol. They include Proud Boys, militia members, and white supremacists along with radicalized MAGA die-hards and Q Anon followers. All of these rallies have erupted in violence, with far-right bullies attacking the unhoused, minors, and random pedestrians. Young has taken a lead organizer role by providing coordination at these events and was even given space to speak on the stage at the November 21 rally. After vaguely alluding to a “very serious” event coming in the future during his speech, Young declared that, “We will certainly stand tall until we have victory or paradise.” Standing with him on stage was Proud Boy Jeffrey Perrine, known for shouting that “illegal immigrants should have their heads smashed into the concrete” at a far-right rally in Portland. Joining Christopher Young and Jeffrey Perrine on stage was Alicia Peterson, a MAGA organizer who is known to have worked with the Golden State Skinheads during her activist efforts.

Christopher Young speaks with Jeffrey Perrine (left) and Alicia Peterson (right) behind him
Christopher Young speaks with Jeffrey Perrine (left) and Alicia Peterson (right) behind him in Sacramento, on November 21, 2020

On November 28, Christopher Young joined the rest of the Central Valley Proud Boys on stage as they all sang a song together called “By God We’ll Have Our Home Again,” a song written by a fascist white supremacist project called Mannerbund. The song was originally featured in the handful of podcasts on the Mannerbund website, which also includes articles and imagery explicitly venerating National Socialism (Nazism). One comment from a Mannerbund participant online mentions that “several brothers” have connections to the fascist group Patriot Front. Following the National Socialist sing-along and an afternoon of drinking, Young and dozens of his fellow Proud Boys roamed the streets around the Capitol and Cesar Chavez Park looking for people to fight.

Christopher Young is an active threat. Due to his affinity for National Socialist (Nazi) ideas regarding race and culture and his affiliations with violent Proud Boys and militia members, anti-racists and anti-fascists should continue to monitor Young and the others that he has been networking with. Further information can be useful in any efforts to minimize or even possibly neutralize the danger posed by Christopher Young and the groups he is aligned with. It should be noted that Young does indeed own firearms.

An Example of the way Christopher Young obscures his membership in the Proud Boys on Instagram. Note: “4th degree” refers to the Proud Boys who have engaged in violence with “enemies”
An Example of the way Christopher Young obscures his membership in the Proud Boys on Instagram. This photo was taken at the far-right rally in Sacramento on November 7, 2020. “4th degree” refers to the Proud Boys who have engaged in violence with “enemies”

You can usually spot Young at an event with his hair tied back, usually wearing a cowboy hat and some combination of gear and clothing with Proud Boy insignia. His tattoos are very distinct–look for runes on his right forearm, a Thor’s Hammer on his right hand, and flames on his left forearm. Hinting that Young wants to limit his public association with the Proud Boys, he censors photographs of himself and others that he posts on his personal Instagram account so that the Proud Boys logos are unrecognizable.

The Doxx

Legal Name: Christopher Carl Young

Born: 1983 (37 years old)

Pseudonym: “Odin Young”

Current address: 36 Almo Ct Galt, CA 95632 (Sacramento County)

Vehicle: Black Ford F150, CA license plate 27101A1

Occupation: Truck driver

Affiliations: Central Valley Proud Boys, Sacramento Proud Boys, California State Militia (2nd Infantry Regiment, Echo Company), “Central Valley Militia”

This article only came to be after a collaboration with our comrades at NoCARA. If you have any information on Proud Boys, militias, and other far-right organizing in Northern California, you can anonymously send tips to Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) at nocara(at)riseup(dot)net and to Antifa Sacramento at antifasac(at)riseup(dot)net