On Blast: Joseph and Anna Simmons, Neo-Nazis of Carmichael

A printable poster with information about Joseph Simmons.

Joseph Ryan Simmons (AKA Josef Sigmundr) and his wife Anna Stasia Simmons (AKA Anna Sigmundr / Anna Lovesee) are two local white supremacists associated with the neo-Nazi gang the Golden State Skinheads (GSS). Joseph was one of twenty GSS members who participated in the infamous neo-Nazi rally at the State Capitol on June 26th, 2016. After the rally was canceled due to overwhelming opposition, GSS members brutally attacked anti-racist counter-protesters with knives and clubs , Joseph himself was carrying a knife on the Capitol grounds that day.

Since then, Joseph has been one of the GSS members supporting  William Planer the single Nazi facing  charges from the attacks carried out at the rally. He has been involved in fundraising for Planer’s legal defense and has attended a number of Planer’s court dates.  

Joseph Simmons is well connected in the white supremacist movement, and has ties to numerous neo-Nazis in GSS and beyond. In fall of 2016, Joseph and fellow GSS member  Jason Judd  went on a trip with Matthew Branstetter and Skyler Segeberg, two Hammerskins who later joined the Rise Above Movement (RAM)  to  Stone Mountain, a landmark significant to white supremacists because it is where the second Ku Klux Klan was founded.

Joseph Simmons, Jason Judd, Matthew Branstetter, and Skyler Segeberg posing at Stone Mountain.

Joseph and Anna Simmons are also members of the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA), a Pagan religious group with a well-documented history of white supremacist leanings. AFA was founded in 1994 by white nationalist Stephen McNallen, and excludes non-white and LGBTQ people from joining. The Asatru Folk Assembly is so infamous for it 100 other Pagan groups that follow the Asatru religion have formally denounced  them. It is classified as a neo-folk hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and a “hate group on the extreme fringe of Heathenry” by religious scholar Dr. Karl EH Seigfried.

Asatru Folk Assembly clarifying their membership requirements via their Facebook page.

The Asatru Folk Assembly frequently shares subtle fascist content on their website and social media, including references to the 14 words (a popular Nazi slogan). Here is an Instagram post that features white supremacist rhetoric and the pagan rune that was adopted by the SS in Nazi Germany,

In June of 2017, Anna Simmons was seen wearing an Asatru Folk Assembly T-shirt while attending Islamophobic’s “Anti-Sharia Law” demonstration in Roseville, organized by ACT for America.

Anna Simmons wearing an Assatru Folk Assembly T-shirt.

In December of 2017, Joseph Simmons featured in a holiday post on Asatru Folk Assembly’s social media alongside the Assembly’s current leader, Matthew D. Flavel.

Joseph Simmons (left) and Matthew Flavel (3rd from left) posing for a holiday photo.

Joseph is also connected to Asatru Folk Assembly founder Stephen McNallen on social media. retweeting a tweet by the Wotan Network, another of Stephen McNallen’s white nationalist religious endeavors. The tweet celebrates the August of 2017 torch lit march in Charlottesville, Virginia where hundreds of white nationalists marching on the university campus chanting anti Semitic and white supremacist chants and attacking counter-protesters. The original tweet is no longer available as the Wotan Network’s account has been suspended by Twitter, but as usual we have the receipts.

The Doxx

Name: Joseph Ryan Simmons

Alias: Josef Sigmundr

Age: 38, born in 1980

address: 5955 Sutter Ave # 17 Carmichael, CA 95608

Twitter: @ Sigmundr38

Instagram: @ heathen838

Facebook: @ freedom.lies.1


Surname: Anna Stasia Simmons

Alias: Anna Sigmundr, Annarchy Sigmundr, Stasia Sigmundr, Anna Lovesee

Age: 34, born on 11/28/1983

address: 5955 Sutter Ave # 17 Carmichael, CA 95608

Twitter: @SSigmundr

Instagram: @annasigmundr

Facebook: @ freedom.lies



Joseph and Anna are in unit # 17 at Sutter Park


Have any additional information on Joseph and Anna Simmons or any of their affiliates? Email us at antifasac at riseup.net. Thank you.

On Blast: Jeffrey Perrine, White Nationalist Street Harasser

Printable flyer with information about Jeffrey Perrine

Jeffrey Eric Perrine of Orangevale, CA, is a local far-right extremist who has become increasingly active in the patriot movement over the past year. Perrine is an openly anti-immigrant, racist, and transphobic Trump supporter. He has repeatedly attempted to disrupt liberal and leftist events in Sacramento, and he has a history of harassing protesters and random passersby alike. Perrine frequently travels to participate in extremist rallies, including Patriot Prayer in the Pacific Northwest, the recent No to Marxism rally in Berkeley, and the MOAR (Mother of All Rallies) Trump rally in Washington, D.C. He has also been previously affiliated with the Sacramento Proud Boys, although they eventually kicked him out for being a loose cannon and a white nationalist.

Jeffrey Perrine first showed up on our radar in January of 2018, when he attended Unite America First, a patriot rally in Sacramento that drew attendees like Kyle Chapman (AKA Based Stickman), local neo-Nazi Chris Alden Locke, the Sacramento Proud Boys, and members of the III% militia movement. After the event, Perrine and his buddies ganged up on a passing teenager who took issue with the group’s Trump signage and anti-immigrant chants. It’s unclear what exactly went on during the exchange, but Perrine’s role in it was offensive enough that a random jogger ran up on him after hearing what happened. The rest of Perrine’s party stood around watching as the jogger knocked him to the ground and landed multiple blows to his face. Talk about vigilante justice!

Jeffrey showing off his injuries from the jogger incident.

Perrine engaged in similar street harassment after attending a “Vote Dem Out” event at the State Capitol in early March. The event consisted of Jeffrey and a group of roughly ten other patriots and far right live streamers (including Ben Bergquam of Frontline America, Will Johnson of Unite America First, and several Sacramento Proud Boys) who disrupted a meeting at the State Capitol and later roamed the downtown area wearing MAGA hats and shouting pro-Trump and anti-immigrant slogans. While downtown, Perrine and others began recording a young transgender individual and taunting them with transphobic slurs after the individual confronted the group about their xenophobic language and Trump memorabilia. Perrine began shouting at the young person, demanding information and speculating about their genitalia, and declaring that “transgenderism is a mental illness.” The group continued demeaning and verbally attacking their target on camera until the individual was forced to run across the street to escape the situation. Afterward, Perrine could be heard whooping and laughing in celebration and yelling “I love it!” This targeted attack on a trans person further shows what a danger Perrine is to our community. Perrine and those like him are the reason trans people often fear for their safety in public. Not only is he actively organizing to promote his bigoted beliefs, but he is also willing to act on those beliefs in a way that poses an immediate threat to those he discriminates against.

A few days later, Perrine showed up to disrupt a leftist protest against Jeff Sessions with several Proud Boys, far right livestreamers, and neo-Nazi Chris Alden Locke in tow. Perrine attempted to escalate the situation by hounding the protest with anti-immigrant rhetoric and blaring the siren feature on his megaphone. During the event, Chris Alden Locke seig heiled multiple times and eventually yelled racial slurs at a black protester. Perrine, who had previously been buddy-buddy with Locke, attempted to separate himself from the situation after the racist outburst. However, Locke and Perrine had been friends up until that point despite Locke’s outspoken support of Nazism and overtly racist Facebook posts. It’s unreasonable to assume that Perrine was unaware of Locke’s beliefs until that moment- rather, it’s clear that he was unconcerned by them until Locke made him look bad in the public sphere. Perrine continues to maintain a Facebook friendship with Locke.

In fact, Jeffrey has no problem taking similarly extremist stances and saying similarly racist things. At the June 30th Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Perrine was recorded shouting that “Illegal immigrants should have their heads smashed into the concrete.” He was involved with the Sacramento Proud Boys at the time and showed up to the event wearing body armor, clearly prepared for street fighting. Jeffrey was later documented kicking an anti-fascist protester while they were down. He was arrested during the event, and photos of his detainment went viral online. After the Portland rally, the Proud Boys reportedly distanced themselves from Perrine because his overt white nationalism was bad for their public image.

Jeffrey (center) and other Sacramento Proud Boys displaying white power hand gestures while gearing up for Patriot Prayer in Portland.
Jeffrey Perrine being detained in Portland.


Here is the clip where Perrine announces that “Illegal immigrants should have their heads smashed into the concrete.”:


And here is a clip where Perrine can be seen kicking an anti-fascist while they are down on June 30th in Portland:

Perrine also showed up to far right organizer Amber Cumming’s “No to Marxism” rally in Berkeley in August. His attendance and planned speech further isolated him from patriots in Sacramento due to infighting between Cummings and far right organizers in Sacramento, including Sacramento Proud Boys leader Gabe Silva.

In September, Perrine traveled to Washington, D.C. for the MOAR Trump Rally. Footage of the event’s after party showed Perrine being confronted over his racist views. Later, Perrine was videotaped talking with two Black Trump supporters about how slavery wasn’t actually that bad. In the following clip, Perrine explains to Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson why he was kicked out of the Sacramento chapter of the Proud Boys:

Perrine’s racist, transphobic, and anti-immigrant views pose a serious threat to marginalized people in our community. His extremism is so intense that even dangerous and bigoted alt-right groups like the Proud Boys refuse to associate with him. What’s worse, he has shown an alarming pattern of terrorizing LGBT people, immigrants, leftists, and all others he opposes with street harassment, threats of violence, and physical attacks. Jeffrey’s escalation from a right-wing rally goer to an advocate and agent of targeted violence is disturbing but unsurprising. One of the most dangerous aspects of the so-called patriot movement is the way it funnels bigoted individuals down the path to further extremism and emboldens them to act on their discriminatory views. It’s critical that our community is made aware of Jeffrey Perrine before his behavior escalates any further.

Jeffrey is currently unemployed and lives in the Sacramento suburbs. His partner, Kimmy Williams, is also engaged in far right organizing. His legal address is in Citrus Heights, but he spends most of his time at Kimmy’s house in Orangevale.

Name: Jeffrey Eric Perrine, AKA Jeffrey Erik

Current legal residence: 8139 Buttonwood Way, Citrus Heights

Current occupied residence: 8930 Genoa Ave., Orangevale, CA

Spouse: Kimberly Cecilia Williams (AKA Kimmy Perrine)

Vehicle: Toyota sedan, disability plates

Facebook Page: The Prudent Patriot

Jeffrey’s current residence in Orangevale.
Jeffrey Perrine’s vehicle.
Kimmy Williams’ vehicle.

Have more information on Jeffrey Perrine or other far right extremists in the Sacramento area?

Email us at antifasac@riseup.net


On Blast: Joe Arrigo, Local Identity Evropa Member

A printable poster with all the key info on Joseph Arrigo.

Joseph Arrigo of Orangevale, California (a suburb outside of Sacramento) has been identified as a member of the alt-right group Identity Evropa (IE). Arrigo has been with the group since 2017, and has been documented attending their events and posting disturbing far right material online.

Arrigo works as a sales representative for the PowerSchool Group, a K-12 education technology provider located at 150 Parkshore Dr in Folsom. Please contact them and alert them that their employee is a white supremacist!

Demand that the PowerSchool Group fire Joseph Arrigo immediately. You can call his workplace at:

(877) 873-1550

You can also email them at:

public.Relations@PowerSchool.com or sales@powerschool.com

It is unnecessary to provide any personal details about yourself when you call- this is a one way exchange of information. You can block your number  (#67 before phone number). Keep it short, just hang up!

Phone script:

“Hello, I’m calling because an active white supremacist is employed at your business. His name is Joseph Arrigo and he works as a sales representative. Is PowerSchool Group aware of this? Fire him immediately given PowerSchool Group’s mission and what you represent.”

Arrigo serving as a public representative of the PowerSchool group, as featured on the company’s official Instagram.

Arrigo lives with his wife Deanna at 8624 Stratus Dr., Orangevale, CA 95662:

Joseph Arrigo’s house, which features a “Welcome to the Arrigo’s” sign and a State of Jefferson flag. The State of Jefferson is a conservative separatist movement in Southern Oregon and Northern California that  has some overlap with the far right.

More about Identity Evropa:

Identity Evropa is a white supremacist organization with a membership base across the United States. The group’s ideological platform is white identitarianism, a subset of white supremacy that calls for the creation of an all-white nation state. Identity Evropa is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group has attempted to appeal to a wider audience by obscuring their racist and genocidal beliefs with a facade of professionalism- Identity Evropa primarily recruits young white men off college campuses, hosts “days of service” where members pick up trash and distribute food to the homeless, and has abandoned the traditional neo-Nazi skinhead style in favor of suits and ties. Underneath this carefully curated appearance, however, is a history of unapologetic fascism and racist violence.

Identity Evropa was founded by Nathan Damigo, a military veteran who served 5 years in prison after robbing a cab driver at gunpoint for “looking Iraqi”. After his release, Damigo hosted an alt-right podcast and later served as chairman of the National Youth Front, a position he acquired after the previous chair was forced out with death threats over his interracial marriage. He made connections with various white supremacist leaders across the country including Matthew Heimbach and Richard Spencer, and eventually founded Identity Evropa with hopes that the organization could become a “respectable” face of white nationalism. Identity Evropa took inspiration from the staunchly racist and xenophobic Identitarian movement in Europe, and quickly began building its membership base in the US, hosting anti-immigrant demonstrations and putting up subtle propaganda in cities across the country. Identity Evropa was also one of the key groups that organized the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA. The two day rally began with a torch-lit march reminiscent of a KKK gathering, where marchers chanted the Nazi slogan “blood and soil” and surrounded and attacked a small group of people of color. The second day ended with a white supremacist ramming his car at full speed into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one anti-racist activist and injuring many more. Damigo left Identity Evropa soon after the Unite The Right rally in an attempt to preserve the group’s reputation. Around the same time, a photo of an Identity Evropa member at the torch-lit  march went viral, and the group stopped wearing their signature outfit (a white polo shirt with the Identity Evropa logo) to further distance themselves from the violence at the rally and the public outcry it resulted in. Identity Evropa is one of several groups that are currently facing a lawsuit for their participation in organizing the Charlottesville rally.

The viral photo of an Identity Evropa member marching in Charlottesville.

More about Joseph Arrigo:

Joseph Arrigo’s involvement with Identity Evropa dates back to at least July of 2017. It’s unclear when exactly Arrigo became an official member, but on July 8th he was spotted attending a nationalist rally in Sacramento with other Identity Evropa members. He later posted a photo to twitter that featured himself and Nathan Damigo standing together at the rally.

Arrigo posing next to Identity Evropa’s founder, Nathan Damigo. The photo was posted to his Twitter account, @classicalfash.

Arrigo’s connection to Identity Evropa was further solidified on December 16th, 2017, when he showed up to an anti-sanctuary city demonstration in San Francisco with other IE members. Arrigo tried to keep a low profile, but never left the Identity Evropa contingent that day. At this point it became clear that he was officially part of the organization.

Joseph Arrigo (center right) with a baseball cap and sunglasses on at the anti-sanctuary city demonstration in SF

The December rally brought out other white supremacists like Patrick Little of Albany, CA, who just recently had an unsuccessful political run for Senate, and Christopher Locke from Roseville, CA, an overt neo-Nazi who spent over a month in 2017 terrorizing a reproductive health clinic in Sacramento. Sacramento and Bay area Proud Boys also made an appearance, along with other far right and anti-immigrant demonstrators.

Then, a few months later, Identity Evropa held their first national conference. It was hosted in Nashville, TN, and nearly 70 IE members attended the event- Joseph Arrigo among them. The conference featured speeches from a variety of white supremacist icons, including American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor and former Ku Klux Klan lawyer Sam Dickson, both of whom are members of the Council of Conservative Citizens, the white nationalist hate group that inspired Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof. Taylor praised IE members for being “smart, committed, sensible, and impressive in every way.”

Arrigo pictured in a group photo taken at the Identity Evropa conference.

Arrigo also has an active alt-right internet presence. He co-hosts the weekly Identitarian podcast Identity Rising and also has his own podcast, Operation Mockingbird. Stephen McNallen appeared as a guest speaker on one of the more recent episodes of Identity Rising.  McNallen is the leader of the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA), a white supremacist variation of the Asatru pagan religion. Over the past few years, AFA has been kicked out of most pagan and heathen conferences and circles for their open embrace of white supremacist ideology. McNallen and Asatru Folk Assembly are connected with the Golden State Skinheads, the neo-Nazi gang responsible for stabbing multiple anti-racist protesters at their 2016 rally in Sacramento.

The Identity Rising episode featuring Stephen McNallen.

Arrigo also has several online accounts dedicated exclusively to posting alt-right and white supremacist material:

Twitter: @classicalfash

Instagram: @operationmb

Youtube: Operation Mockingbird

His activity on these accounts leaves no room for doubt about his personal beliefs:

Arrigo expressing his admiration for Adolf Hitler, whose birthday falls on April 20th, in a post on his Twitter account. #HH presumably stands for “heil Hitler”.


Have more information on Joseph Arrigo or other local fascists?

Email us at antifasac@riseup.net

On Blast: Jason Judd, Neo-Nazi Solar Panel Installer

Jason Judd’s current Facebook page, here


**The call-in campaign we issued back on 3/27 has come to an end! We got confirmation that Jason Judd’s employment at Sun System Technology has been terminated. Thank you to everyone who participated in  and supported our campaign! **

A printable poster with information about Jason Judd.

Jason Judd (alias Jason Kale) is a longtime Neo-Nazi and a member of the Golden State Skinheads (GSS). He is also associated with Hell’s Angels, the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), and the Hammerskins Nation. He was one of 20 GSS and TWP members who appeared at the 2016 neo-Nazi rally at the State Capitol in Sacramento, a demonstration that was ultimately shut down by a mobilization of 400+ anti-fascist counter-protesters. In the violent brawl that ensued, GSS members attacked counter-protesters with knives and sticks, specifically targeting visibly queer and non-white demonstrators. Judd himself was directly involved in the stabbings that occurred, grabbing a POC protester so that another Neo-Nazi could stab her. That particular antifascist sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized for 4 days.

Jason Judd (back center) wearing a TWP shirt and border patrol hat while holding an anti-fascist counter demonstrator from behind as another GSS member stabs her with a knife.

GSS and TWP members who attended the 2016 Nazi rally refer to themselves as “Sacramento Spartans”, and commonly wear a commemorative patch that depicts TWP( now a defunct group) member  William Scott Planer striking an antifascist protester with a pole. Judd has posted pictures of himself online wearing said patch, and the same imagery appears on a large “Sacramento Spartans” banner in his garage. Judd is clearly proud of his part in the racist attacks that took place that day.

Left: Jason Judd displaying the “Sacramento Spartans” patch on his motorcycle vest. Right: A “Sacramento Spartans” banner in Judd’s garage.

Jason Judd has an extensive criminal history that includes multiple arrests, prison time, and at least one restraining order. He is loud and proud about his Nazi affiliations, and his online posts exemplify his racist, anti-Semitic beliefs.

Anti-Semitic post on Judd’s Instagram account.

Until recently, Jason resided in North Highlands, CA, across the street from the American River College campus. He now lives with his partner and their two young children in Orangevale, a suburb of Sacramento. He works for a solar panel installation company based out of Rancho Cordova, and isn’t shy about being a Neo-Nazi even while on the job.

Left: Judd posing in front of a company vehicle. Right: Judd sporting a black sun symbol pin while at work. The black sun symbol is commonly used by American neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and has been associated with Nazism since the 1950’s.


The Solar Panel installation company that Judd works for is Sun System Technology. Please contact them and demand that they fire Jason Judd. When you call, DO NOT provide them with any personal information about yourself. This way, you prevent yourself from being identified by either Jason and his fellow GSS members, the company itself, and potentially Law Enforcement. To ensure your safety, we encourage you to utilize the tips and short script below:

“Hello, I’m calling to demand that Sun System Technology fire Jason Judd, the violent Neo-Nazi who aided a stabbing at the Capitol in 2016 and currently works at your company. We will continue calling, and making this known to the public, until he is fired. Goodbye.”

TIPS: block your number (#67, before phone number), keep it short, just hang up!

REMEMBER: This is a one way exchange of information. You do not have to answer any of their questions or provide them with any information outside of the script above.

Join us in making them aware that they are currently employing a dangerous Neo-Nazi who has participated in violent and racist attacks against oppressed groups.


Sun System Technology
2731 Citrus Road, Suite D
Rancho Cordova, CA 95724

Website: sstsolar.com

Email: info@sunsystemtechnology.com

You can also leave them reviews on Yelp, Google, and Glassdoor.

printable call in campaign flyer

Here’s the pdf version

Jason Judd’s current address is 9826 Golden Drive, Orangevale, CA.

Also be aware that this is the truck he drives when he’s not working:

Jason Judd’s truck, a white Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD , license plate number 7M42884.

Jason Judd’s current Facebook page, here

If you have any further information on Jason Judd or any of his affiliates , please email us at antifasac@riseup.net

Looking Back: Anti-Fascism in Northern California 2016-2017

Reposted from NoCARA

Anti-fascist mobilization against fascist convergence in Berkeley on August 27, 2017. Banner reads, “Avenge Charlottesville. Defend your communities.”

As mainstream media coverage of the anti-fascist struggle has skyrocketed over the last year, we’ve noticed that questions surrounding it have largely been confined to concern over a narrowly defined free speech. This has been accompanied by numerous, sometimes deliberate, misrepresentations. While narratives of violence have tended to be over-represented in accounts of anti-fascist and anti-racist organizing, reporting on the alt-right has been the opposite, downplaying the violence inherent to the recently re-energized white nationalist movement. Because clashes in Northern California between anti-fascists and white supremacists have captured so much media attention over the last year, we feel it necessary to place these incidents within their proper context.

Despite the fact that California is widely seen as a bastion of liberalism and tolerance, the state is in fact home to more active hate groups than any other in the country. FBI numbers indicate that reported hate crimes in California increased 11.2% from 2015 to 2016. The East Bay Express noted that Northern California cities consistently rank high on the FBI’s list, with San Leandro and Berkeley seeing a particularly notable spike during 2016. This has prompted UC Berkeley’s student paper, the Daily Californian, to join ProPublica’s Documenting Hate project in recording local incidents in Berkeley. Acts of racist vandalism were reported in the East Bay throughout 2017, and acts of anti-Semitism occurred in Alameda and public schools throughout the greater Bay Area. Similar evidence of growing far-right hatred and violence has been observed throughout the Central Valley. This mirrors patterns observed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which recorded a surge of hate crimes across the United States following the election of Donald Trump in November 2016. According to the SPLC, alt-right killings began in California and 2017 has been the deadliest year yet for far-right violence. One violent neo-Nazi organization, the Atomwaffen Division, has been connected to several murders over the last year, including in California. This group has been shown to have a presence in Northern California specifically. Atomwaffen Division is inspired by James Mason’s book “Siege,” which is distributed by Counter-Currents, a white nationalist publisher based in San Francisco.

Below is a partial account of far-right and white supremacist activity that occurred throughout Northern California from 2016 to 2017. The mainstream media has tended to focus their reporting on more “spectacular” occurrences like clashes at rallies and university speaking events, but as we can see from the list below, the breadth of far-right action is much wider, ranging from flyering and recruitment campaigns to attacks and even brutal murder. When reflecting on these incidents, though this list is by no means complete, it becomes clear that university speaking tours and “free speech” rallies are only the tip of the iceberg. They exist within the larger context of a growing white supremacist movement, and are but a few of the many tactics that these groups employ. Researcher Spencer Sunshine similarly analyzed the far-right mobilization throughout the country in 2017 at Political Research Associates.

Fascist wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat while doing a Nazi salute in Berkeley on April 15, 2017.





  • 3rd: Flyers promoting racial genocide are posted throughout Sacramento’s midtown district. The flyers advocate for the extermination, kidnapping, and torture of Muslim and Mexican residents, and for fellow white supremacists to secure “body dump-sites”. Greg Withrow, a neo-Nazi and KKK member widely credited with founding the white power skinhead movement in the late 70s, is found responsible.
  • 6th: Richard Spencer accompanies Nathan Damigo and a handful of members from his new organization Identity Evropa to UC Berkeley for a “safe space to talk about race.” Afterwards, IE flyers and stickers litter the campus and surrounding downtown Berkeley area.


  • 12th: A Sacramento area pastor praises the Pulse nightclub shooting, saying that “the tragedy is that more of them didn’t die.”
  • 26th: Matthew Heimbach’s neo-Nazi group the Traditionalist Worker Party organizes an anti-antifa rally with the Golden Stake Skins at the State Capitol Building in Sacramento, which is met by hundreds of anti-racists and anti-fascists. The rally is shut down, and clashes against neo-Nazis end with 6 anti-racists stabbed and 9 hospitalized.
  • 28th: A neo-Nazi threatens to kill children at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley.


  • 12th: KKK flyers are distributed throughout the Haight district in San Francisco.



  • 17th: Identity Evropa holds a rally at Pier 14 in San Francisco against immigration and sanctuary cities. The rally is cut short when anti-fascists begin to arrive at the scene.
  • 25th: Racist graffiti is found in bathrooms at California High School in San Ramon.





  • 1st: The Berkeley College Republicans invite Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus. Anti-fascists mobilize a shutdown, and the event is cancelled.
  • 17th: Swastikas and “Joe Mangele” are spray-painted on a garage door in San Francisco.






  • 8th: Zionists block the entrance of Reem’s California Bakery in Oakland, part of a broader campaign against the bakery.
  • 8th: Armed members of The Red Elephants along with a group of supporters march through Berkeley with Trump flags to antagonize the community.






Despite the growing threat of white supremacy and fascism, anti-racists and anti-fascists have kept up the fight and countered with organizing of their own. Groups patrolled their neighborhoods and campuses to remove hateful stickers, posters, and banner drops, replacing them with anti-fascist messages. Book fairs, community forums, and conferences like ROAR facilitated anti-fascist organizing and brought people together to share research, strategies, and history. Fundraising and benefit events strengthened solidarity and provided material support. Self-defense and bystander intervention trainings coupled with rapid response workshops enabled mass community defense against violent attacks. Research was done on local far-right groups and organizers, as well as those who enable them to recruit and push their politics into the mainstream. Call-in campaigns and boycotts targeted workplaces, bars and venues that supported fascists and their organizing efforts. Exposés on active alt-right organizers and aggressors were published, disrupting their activity and aiding local communities with knowledge of threats in their areas. John Ramondetta, Daniel Quillinan, and Cole White were all exposed to Berkeley residents as white supremacists, leading to Ramondetta moving out of his house and having trouble at work, while White lost his job entirely. Far-right street presence was also persistently confronted. Multitudes of people throughout Northern California showed up to counter rallies, marches, and speeches again and again. Many stepped up to do critical support work, providing dedicated hospital support, street medic care, court support and anti-repression work for those who faced charges or were wounded in the fight against fascism.

None of this activity relied on state sanction or protection. Instead, the most effective community self-defense came in the form of autonomous organizing across tendencies with a respect for differing strategies and tactics. Indeed, the state sees this kind of anti-fascist organizing as even more threatening than that of white supremacists. MuckRock analyzed reports showing that Homeland Security in Northern California has been more concerned with surveilling anti-fascists than neo-Nazis. Moreover, their intelligence takes for granted photoshopped alt-right propaganda and conspiracy theories as fact. Police in both Sacramento and Berkeley have actively aided far-right aggression against local communities. More often than not, the state’s strategy has been to protect white supremacists and increase repression against anti-fascists. Berkeley PD has been given more authority and weapons to contain protests, and Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguin expressed that he thinks antifa should be classified as a gang. In Sacramento, police recommended hundreds of charges for anti-fascists after neo-Nazis stabbed protesters at their 2016 rally.

Police equipped with riot gear and body cameras during the June 26th neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento. Officers stood back during the brawl and later attempted to block street medics from treating stabbing victims. Tear gas and tasers were deployed against anti-fascists, while neo-Nazis were provided protection and police escorts. 

This points to the contradiction between how fascist aggressions are handled by the state compared with the anti-fascist response to these aggressions. On one hand, far-right attacks are reported to police, whose statistics and data are referenced in reports of increased trends of white supremacist violence. On the other hand, it is clear that police are more interested in targeting and surveilling anti-fascists, all while they themselves continue to murder hundreds of people in the United States every year while bringing yet more into the ever-increasing racist mass incarceration system. The state’s response to anti-fascist organizing is just one more way in which it upholds white supremacy. If we are to organize against the threat of the alt-right effectively, it will be in spite of state interference, not because of it. This further establishes the need for autonomous community defense and response.

Looking back on the wave of white supremacist terror and violence that characterized 2016 and 2017, it is clear that we as anti-racists and anti-fascists must enter 2018 fighting harder than ever. Fascism may be on the rise, but so are we. The state cannot and will not protect us from this growing white supremacist threat, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past two years, it’s that we have the tools we need to continue combating fascism and keep building the support networks necessary to keep each other safe. In the months and years to come, we will turn to each other and face the future with resolve to keep organizing, growing, and disrupting fascism wherever it arises.

Anti-fascist demonstrators at the August 27th mobilization in Berkeley.

Did we miss something? Report hate crimes and fascist organizing efforts- Email us!

Locally: AntifaSac@riseup.net

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**Updated** Sacramento Attorney Danny Brace Defends Neo-Nazi William Planer

**Danny Brace is no longer William Planer’s attorney. It has been brought to our attention that simply due to Danny Brace and William Planer not being able to agree on a defense strategy that they decided to part ways. Brace wished Planer good luck and officially quit prior to Planers February 23rd court appearance and on that day Michelle Spaulding was retained as Planer’s new attorney on record. A private attorney from the Spaulding and Campi law firm located at 901 H st. , suite #200, Michelle Spaulding apparently did agree with Planer that they should in fact take on the self defense strategy and are now preparing for the upcoming trial. Michelle Spaulding clearly has no problem taking the money that the now defunct Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) raised for Planers legal defense thanks to the help and donations from white supremacists from all over the country. If you visit our Facebook page you’ll be able to learn all about how you can join our campaign to let Michelle Spaulding know that this is exactly the type of Nazi collaboration we will not tolerate here in Sacramento! Thanks so much for the support everyone! **

On June 26th of last year, members of the Neo-Nazi gang the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) and the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) stormed the California State Capital grounds after an overwhelming turnout of antifascist protesters cancelled their rally. The Neo-Nazis came armed with bats, shields, knives, and guns, and sent 9 individuals to the hospital, many of whom sustained critical injuries and stab wounds. Of the twenty Neo-Nazis present that day, one, William Scott Planer, is currently facing charges.

Sacramento County Jail booked Planer on September 9th after being extradited from the El Paso County Jail in Colorado Springs, where he’d been held since July 14th of this year. He was originally arrested and charged with vandalizing the Chabad Lubavitch of Southern Colorado after being caught on camera affixing a sticker to the door of the synagogue that read “fight terror, nuke Israel” late one night. El Paso Country Jail held him for nearly two months on $500,000 bail and a “fugitive from justice” hold. The hold as a result of a warrant due for his arrest out of Sacramento, where he’s charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor riot for the attacks he participated in on June 26th. The vandalism case in Colorado is now behind him, and the case here in Sacramento is underway.

Planer is affiliated with both the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) and the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP). As a highly active and well connected member of the White Nationalist movement, the Nazis did not forget him after his arrest in Colorado and subsequent incarceration. Soon after his arrest, the leaders of TWP, Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrot, launched a crowd funding campaign to raise money for his bail and legal defense using the now-defunct crowdfunding platform Rootbocks.com, a website commonly used by white supremacists and Neo-Nazis due to its anti-censorship mission. Rootbocks’ web host shut down the site on August 14th and cut off by its payment service, and despite attempts to find a new web host, it remains offline. It is unclear if those doing Planer’s support work ever obtained the the money raised by the campaign, but the fundraiser page itself no longer exists. However, while Planer’s defense fund was still up, almost $15,000 was raised. The money came from supporters from all over the world, many of whom left comments about their support for and commitment to the white nationalist cause on the fundraiser page after donating.

As well as being the leader of TWP, Matt Parrot is also one of the founders of the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), a group that promotes white supremacy.
Here’s a screenshot of three of the donations to the online William Planer defense fund. If you notice in the top comment the number 88 is a popular number among white nationalists because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so the 88 ends up standing for “Heil Hitler”.

Upon arriving at the Sacramento County Jail, William Planer’s bail was raised to $600,000. As a twice-convicted felon looking at his third strike if convicted in his current case, it’s clear he’s going to need a good lawyer. So, the local members of GSS, the leaders of TWP, and the white nationalist movement as a whole, managed to hire long standing Sacramento lawyer Danny D. Brace to represent William Planer. As stated on his website, bracelaw.com, the law firm that Danny Brace practices out of which has been in the same location since 1984. It takes a certain kind of person to willingly represent a Neo-Nazi who participated in assaults and stabbings of anti-racist protesters, but given Brace’s track record, no one should be surprised. Affectionately referred to as “Dump Truck Dan” by past clients burned by his poor performance, Danny Brace has a history of working for those who commit racist violence. As recently as three years ago he represented Joseph Paul Leonard, a man tried for committing the racially motivated murder of Toussaint Harrison and the attempted murder of Toussaint’s friend, Justin Oliphant. After just two days of deliberation, the jury convicted Leonard of both first degree murder and attempted murder, both with a hate crime enhancement, and sentenced to 32 to life.

Now, Brace is solidifying his reputation as defender of racist scum by representing a violent Neo-Nazi. It is unacceptable that Brace is accepting the money of Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists in exchange for defending a known white supremacist, especially one who has attacked anti-racist protesters and sent them to the hospital. These actions cannot go unopposed. Help us spread the word about Brace, who he is funded by, and the kinds of people he likes to defend- you can leave reviews of Danny Brace and Brace Law on Yelp, Google, and Yellow Pages. His law firm is located at 901 H St, suite 500, Sacramento CA, 95814, the office phone number is (916) 447-0592, and Danny Brace’s email is dbrace@bracelaw.com. Feel free to get in touch with him and let him know how you feel about him accepting the money of white supremacists and defending a violent Neo-Nazi.

The wounding of 9 anti-racist protesters on June 26th of 2016 did not happen in a vacuum. The actions that William Planer participated in and that Danny Brace is defending are part of a broader fascist movement being pushed forward by white supremacist groups in the United States. The stabbings by members of the Golden State Skinheads are directly connected to the violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia when a white supremacist ran his vehicle into a crowd of anti-racist protesters, killing the protestor Heather Heyer, and injuring many more. They are directly connected to the hate crimes, shootings, murders, and attempted murders that are cropping up all over the nation. They are affiliated with a White Nationalist movement that puts immigrants, protesters, and black, brown, and queer communities under threat of violence. More than that, their actions are rooted in the history of white supremacy that stains the soil of this stolen land. We cannot expect the state to protect us from this threat, not when the state itself is one of the greatest enforcers and producers of the racist social order. William Planer sits in a jail cell because the state seeks to maintain a monopoly on violence, not because his actions go against its principles. We must look to each other and fight back, nationally and locally. White supremacists and those who would defend them must be opposed and disrupted at every stage of their organizing, by any means available.

Antifascist Action T-Shirts Are Here!

Between preparing for state repression and supporting our comrades as they fight their cases, Antifa Sacramento has had a lot to keep up with this summer. Now, with the Torch Conference fast approaching, we have more support roles to fill than ever. So, we’re excited to announce a new way that you can help us fill those roles and get some sweet merch out of the deal, too!

We just got our first batch of locally designed and printed antifascist T-shirts, and we’re selling them for $15 each on our newly launched fundraiser. We’re not sure yet if or when we’ll have more made, so if you want one make sure you donate before they’re all gone!

We’ll be splitting the money we raise 50/50 between a local antifascist cause and a national one.

Half of what we raise will be donated to the bail fund of Mike Williams, an antifascist and Brown Beret who is one of three people fighting charges for standing up against Neo-Nazis in Sacramento last summer. Mike is indebted to several community members who generously fronted money for his release, and we seek to minimize this financial burden for him as much as possible. Having a legal battle to fight is stressful enough- there’s no reason he should have to worry about debt on top of everything else.

The other half of what we raise will be going to the Torch Network to help fund their annual antifascist conference. The Torch Network has allowed for greater connections, resources, and infrastructure among antifascist groups nationally, and this year’s conference is all the more important to our organizing given the current political climate. Hosting a national antifascist conference is not cheap, and as a Torch chapter, Antifa Sacramento is committed to taking on some of the necessary fundraising.

So, show your support for antifascist actions! You can pick up a T-shirt on our fundraiser page here.

When State Repression Hits: Our Official Statement

Ever since the successful shutdown of the Neo-Nazi rally in June of last year, Antifa Sacramento has been ceaselessly preparing for the impending threat of state repression to come down on our community. Now, that repression has materialized in the form of a series of arrests targeting some of the brave individuals who risked life and limb to oppose fascism on State Capitol grounds.

Our comrades are now facing serious charges. This persecution is an attempt by the state to silence our movement, to silence dissent against the fascist creep.

We will not be silenced.

Instead, we will continue to oppose fascism in all of its forms, both state level and street level. We will support our comrades through their legal battles with unyielding determination. We pledge to have their backs- no antifascist left behind. Just as we fought back against the threat of Neo-Nazis taking to the streets of Sacramento, so too will we fight back against the authoritarian threats made by the state and its enforcers.

Check our website and Facebook page in the coming weeks to stay updated on ways that you can stand with us and support the antifascists who are currently facing charges. Together, we can fight back against state repression and show our comrades that they have the support they need to stay strong and keep up the fight in this difficult time.

June 26th Anniversary: We Vowed To Shut It Down, And We Did.

Join us in remembering the events of June 26th, 2016, when anti-fascists bravely prevented white supremacists from rallying in Sacramento, California. Despite a massive police presence and near-deadly stabbings by neo-nazi skinheads, people from all over Northern California held it down and ran the fascist scum out. Now, a year later, we are releasing a poster ready for you to download, print and distribute in commemoration of that day.   We honor the sacrifices of the past and look to the future with resistance and determination in our hearts. Together, we will continue to fight fascism and oppression. The struggle is far from over.

In unyielding solidarity with those working to expose and oppose fascism across the country and around the globe. We stand with you.

-Antifa Sacramento

June 26th: Resisting State Repression


In early March, the California Highway Patrol completed its investigation of the anti-Nazi shutdown that happened in Sacramento last June, forwarding a 2,000-page report to the District Attorney’s Office. Law enforcement is urging the DA to charge 106 individuals with 514 misdemeanors and 68 felonies over the stoppage of the white nationalist rally that happened nearly a year ago at the State Capitol. While the intent here is no doubt to scare people, there is still a legitimate threat directed at our community. With this in mind, we would like to humbly offer these suggestions to prepare for the repression that the state has in store. This statement is intended for any anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters who attended the anti-Nazi demo on June 26, 2016, but it is also relevant to anyone in the same communities as those who attended.

If you were present at the counter-demonstration on June 26th or you’re connecting to people who are, here are some steps you can take right now to prepare for potential repression:

First off, DO NOT speculate (especially online) about whether you or anyone else will be among those who are charged! Law enforcement often publicize concerning information (like they did when they turned their recommendations to press charges into a media spectacle) to stir things up in hopes of causing panic. The authorities very well may have no idea if you were involved, so don’t give them any additional information! Don’t announce to the world that you were there, and don’t talk about anything you witnessed or participated in.

Clean up your internet presence. Any of us involved in anti-fascist organizing or socially connected to anti-fascist activists should do this, regardless of your involvement in the demo on June 26th. Anyone who gets targeted, arrested or otherwise outed by the media as an anti-fascist protester will be heavily doxxed by the alt-right and like-minded groups. This means that any information that can be gathered on you will be publicized and used against you- often with the intent of stalking, physical or psychological harm, or aiding law enforcement in prosecution. Malicious parties will often harass family members, affiliations, and work places of those they are looking to target. Taking preventative measures is the best way to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks. For this reason, we recommend you -at the very least- take the time to scrub any mention of your address, phone number and place of employment from the internet. Often, this information is stored in online address books and lookup sites without your consent, and can be easily accessed by anyone who knows where to look. You should also lock down all of your social media accounts (ideally removing yourself from social media altogether) and remove any pictures of yourself that can be accessed publicly. Limit the amount of information you post, and take time to make private or delete all online accounts you use or have used. This includes but is not limited to facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and yes, even that dating profile you made five years ago and totally forgot about. It’s also a good idea to alert your family and close affiliates to do the same. Here’s an article on IGD that explains how to go about doing all this.

If you do get charged with a felony, authorities may come to your home
or work place to arrest you. Memorize the Sacramento National Lawyers Guild phone number (916) 500-4NLG(654). In the event that you or someone you know is arrested on charges stemming from the June 26th rally, please call this number. The only way legal support and support from the wider movement can be mobilized for you is if we know you’re in custody!

Get your personal affairs in order. The NLG has offered their limited capacity to help with legal issues, but it’s up to you to prepare the rest of your life in the event that you abruptly find yourself in jail. Some things to consider include:

  • Memorize the number of a friend or family member who can serve as your emergency contact
  • Have a plan for who will take care of your children or pets
  • Have a plan for someone to call your job/school/etc. and what they will tell your boss/teacher etc
  • Have spare keys available to your support contact, especially to a car that might need to be moved.

Pay attention to your mailbox for court summons. If you are charged with a misdemeanor you will likely be informed of your court date by mail. Look out for this mail at any address you might have associated with you. Get in touch with the NLG if you receive a court summons. Do not personally call the district attorney to inquire about potential charges.

At no point should you talk to the police! Take some time to learn about
the tricks and intimidation tactics police and other law enforcement use
to get you to talk. We recommend practicing what you will say when in a police encounter, be it on the street, at your front door, while being
interrogated in jail, or anywhere: “I have nothing to say to you.” Do
not say “I don’t know” or be tempted to say things you think are
harmless. Anything you say can be used against you or others.
Please take some time to read this zine for helpful insights on police

Whether or not you attended the anti-fascist rally in Sacramento on June 26th, and whether or not you end up facing charges,we must all make the commitment to have each others’ backs! In the likely event that prosecution is pursued, the accused will need a lot of support. Bail money, transportation to court appearances, court support, jail visits, ongoing pet/childcare, the list goes on. It is essential that we all take a stance of total refusal in cooperating with the state’s investigations and targeting of people in our movements and communities. This includes refusing any questioning from police, taking care to not post incriminating information online, and making the commitment to resist grand juries by refusing to testify. By taking up a collective stance of noncooperation, we weaken the state’s power against us and avoid preventable harm and repression from befalling ourselves and our comrades.

Please spread this post far and wide! Share it with your friends, organizations, housemates, and family. Have conversations about how you can prepare, support one another, and keep each other safe. By educating ourselves and being there for each other, we can strengthen our community’s defense against state repression and the far right.