When State Repression Hits: Our Official Statement

Ever since the successful shutdown of the neo-Nazi rally in June of last year, Antifa Sacramento has been ceaselessly preparing for the impending threat of state repression to come down on our community. Now, that repression has materialized in the form of a series of arrests targeting some of the brave individuals who risked life and limb to oppose fascism on State Capitol grounds.

Our comrades are now facing serious charges. This persecution is an attempt by the state to silence our movement, to silence dissent against the fascist creep.

We will not be silenced.

Instead, we will continue to oppose fascism in all of its forms, both state level and street level. We will support our comrades through their legal battles with unyielding determination. We pledge to have their backs- no antifascist left behind. Just as we fought back against the threat of neo-Nazis taking to the streets of Sacramento, so too will we fight back against the authoritarian threats made by the state and its enforcers.

Check our website and Facebook page in the coming weeks to stay updated on ways that you can stand with us and support the antifascists who are currently facing charges. Together, we can fight back against state repression and show our comrades that they have the support they need to stay strong and keep up the fight in this difficult time.