Neo-Nazi Caught with 100+ lbs of Bomb-making Materials in 2020 Shows Up To Children’s Drag Event

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Meet Joshua Isgrigg, a neo-nazi from Porterville, CA who was caught with 100+ lbs of bomb-making materials in 2020. But now he’s back on the streets and active with the neo-nazi WLM and Active Club networks in Sacramento, Porterville, and SLO county.

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We Don’t Rely on the State: Our Statement on the William Planer Mistrial

**UPDATE: Planer accepted a plea deal following the mistrial, and has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He is currently serving 4 years at Sacramento County Jail, and as he is eligible for half time, he will likely be released in early July of 2019.**

Riot cops in formation on the south lawn of the state capitol on June 26, 2016 while nearby an antifascist’s stab wounds are being treated by street medics.

As many of us are aware, the aftermath of the June 26, 2016 Nazi shutdown in Sacramento is far from over. In an attempt to regain some control over the situation, the state is in the midst of pursuing criminal charges against one neo-Nazi and three anti-racist protesters involved in the riot. The anti-racist defendants’ trial is fast approaching- check out our Facebook page for ways to support them. The one neo-Nazi in question, William Planer, has just been tried. After extended deliberation, and despite clear evidence of his participation in the brutal assaults that occurred that day, the jury was unable to reach a verdict. The judge has declared it a mistrial, and a second trial has been scheduled. Planer remains in Sacramento county jail. Continue reading “We Don’t Rely on the State: Our Statement on the William Planer Mistrial”

Looking Back: Anti-Fascism in Northern California 2016-2017

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Anti-fascist mobilization against the fascist convergence in Berkeley on August 27, 2017. Banner reads, “Avenge Charlottesville. Defend your communities.”

As mainstream media coverage of the anti-fascist struggle has skyrocketed over the last year, we’ve noticed that questions surrounding it have largely been confined to concern over a narrowly defined free speech. This has been accompanied by numerous, sometimes deliberate, misrepresentations. While narratives of violence have tended to be over-represented in accounts of anti-fascist and anti-racist organizing, reporting on the alt-right has been the opposite, downplaying the violence inherent to the recently re-energized white nationalist movement. Because clashes in Northern California between anti-fascists and white supremacists have captured so much media attention over the last year, we feel it necessary to place these incidents within their proper context. Continue reading “Looking Back: Anti-Fascism in Northern California 2016-2017”

June 26th Anniversary: We Vowed To Shut It Down, And We Did.

Join us in remembering the events of June 26th, 2016, when anti-fascists bravely prevented white supremacists from rallying in Sacramento, California. Despite a massive police presence and near-deadly stabbings by neo-nazi skinheads, people from all over Northern California held it down and ran the fascist scum out. Now, a year later, we are releasing a poster ready for you to download, print and distribute in commemoration of that day.   We honor the sacrifices of the past and look to the future with resistance and determination in our hearts. Together, we will continue to fight fascism and oppression. The struggle is far from over.

In unyielding solidarity with those working to expose and oppose fascism across the country and around the globe. We stand with you.

-Antifa Sacramento