On Blast: Brandon Revering, Sacramento Proud Boy and Arms Dealer

Call to action: Brandon Revering’s weapons sales site, his merch sales site, and the Proud Boy chapter websites he creates are all registered through the domain registrar Porkbun. Tell Porkbun to stop supporting Proud Boys!

Pride Month is in full swing and far-Right groups, including the proud boys, are on a homophobic rampage. One such Proud Boy, Brandon Revering, is also likely using his standing as a registered arms dealer to supply other fascists with the materials needed to assemble illegal firearms. Continue reading “On Blast: Brandon Revering, Sacramento Proud Boy and Arms Dealer”

On Blast: Jeffrey Perrine, White Nationalist Street Harasser

Jeffrey Erik Perrine of Orangevale, CA, is a local far-right extremist who has become increasingly active in the patriot movement over the past year. Perrine is an openly anti-immigrant, racist, and transphobic Trump supporter. He has repeatedly attempted to disrupt liberal and leftist events in Sacramento, and has a history of harassing protesters and random passersby alike. Perrine frequently travels to participate in extremist rallies, including Patriot Prayer in the Pacific Northwest, the recent No to Marxism rally in Berkeley, and the MOAR (Mother of All Rallies) Trump rally in Washington, D.C. He has also been previously affiliated with the Sacramento Proud Boys, although they eventually kicked him out for being a loose cannon and a white nationalist. Continue reading “On Blast: Jeffrey Perrine, White Nationalist Street Harasser”